The Osbournes share Sharon’s “secret disco band song”, ‘You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood’

The Osbournes share Sharon’s “secret disco band song”, ‘You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood’

The Osbournes have unearthed a “secret disco band song” record by Sharon Osbourne over four decades ago, titled ‘You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood’.

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The track recorded by Sharon was uncovered and detailed in a new episode of the family’s recently revived The Osbournes podcast – which sees Black Sabbath frontman Ozzy Osbourne discuss a multitude of topics with his wife Sharon and children Kelly and Jack.

In the latest instalment, Kelly and Jack revealed that they had uncovered a lesser-known disco track that their mother had recorded back in 1978, and proceeded to play a snippet of it on the episode.

“You are not the only singer in this family,” Jack told his father in the discussion (via Consequence). “Who knew Kelly and I came from such greatness when it comes to music?”

From there, he played a brief section from the song, titled ‘You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood’, from his phone which started with the “snake charmer song”, before breaking into a stereotypical disco beat.

In the podcast, Sharon went on to shed light on her previous time in a music group and revealed the song’s source of inspiration.

According to her, her group was called The Sheikettes and they consisted of Carol Connors – who co-wrote the Rocky theme song ‘Gonna Fly Now’ – and another musician by the name of Avril Giacobbi.

“There is a house on Sunset Boulevard, and it’s an ugly white house now [but] It used to be a beautiful white classic home,” she recalled, sharing what inspired the song. “I went into the house several times and it had an unbelievable speakeasy. Anyway, the house was up for sale, and a young Arab couple bought it, and the wife filled the garden with plastic flowers.”

“It was so ridiculous that it made the news…and people used to come down on the weekend to [see it],” she added. “This young Arab couple loved it, so then they got statues of women naked … so that the traffic would keep looking at their house. [Eventually] they fell out and the chauffeur set fire to the house and it burned down.”

‘You Can Strike Oil In Hollywood’ was released as a vinyl single via Jet Records – a label which was owned by Sharon’s father, Don Arden. Check out the track below.

Elsewhere in the podcast episode, Jack also revealed that his one-year-old daughter loves Ozzy’s track ‘Crazy Train’, but is “scared” of her grandfather in real life.

In previous episodes, Sharon opened up about the end of the long-running metal festival, Ozzfest, revealing that it came to a close due to “greedy” management. Ozzy also caught his family members and viewers off guard by admitting that he would willingly wet himself on stage.

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