Red Velvet’s Joy Confirms Fans’ Fears About Their Future Comeback Promotions

Red Velvet’s Joy Confirms Fans’ Fears About Their Future Comeback Promotions

Red Velvet‘s Joy just shared a revelation that has only confirmed fans’ fears of mismanagement ahead of the group’s comeback.

Red Velvet’s Joy | SBS

One of the year’s most anticipated releases is Red Velvet’s upcoming album Chill Kill. It has been just under a year since their last album, and fans have already been sent on an emotional roller coaster regarding aspects of the release.

Red Velvet | SM Entertainment

Over the years, SM Entertainment has been accused of mistreating Red Velvet, and these accusations have continued. Fans have demanded more from the group following late announced delays, poor editing of teasers, and more.

Amidst all this, fans have found joy in the album’s creative packaging and trailer, showing just how anticipated Red Velvet’s return is.

Red Velvet Awes Fans With Unique Packaging For Upcoming “Chill Kill” Album

However, a recent statement by Joy has many feeling let down all over again.

On November 8, Joy was photographed by media as she headed to record SBS‘s Animal Farm. She charmed many of the reporters with her gorgeous visuals and infectious personality.

231108 #조이 #Joy
竟然偷偷wink ฅ^•ﻌ•^ฅ

— 𝚂𝚎𝚛𝚎𝚒𝚗세린 (@serein1968) November 8, 2023

She also fielded questions, including one about the group appearing on variety shows during their comeback.

231108 조이

SM 3센터 마케팅 담당 조이#조이 #joy #박짱이

— 짱이 (@_ZZang2) November 8, 2023

Reporter: Will you appear on many variety shows this time? 
Joy: The thing is, everything is squeezed right now, so there’s no room for us. That’s why I’m now in charge of the marketing, just look at my Instagram.
Joy: And because we can’t go anywhere, I asked Animal Farm for something but I can’t tell anything accurately. 

Earlier this year, SM shared some of its updated business plan, including how artists were now split into centers. Red Velvet are currently under Center 3 with TVXQ, which led some to hope more resources would be allotted to Velvet.

| SM Entertainment

Many fans have expressed sadness and anger for the group, who they feel cannot yet again promote their release properly.

looks like there aren’t many promotions for rv this time because variety shows are apparently too packed so there is no room to fit them in that’s also why joy is taking it in her own hands to self promote on her instagram

— char (@gotpinkvelvets) November 8, 2023

Joy sounds so disappointed herself.
We’ll keep an eye on your social, Joy Please dont fret!

— UkeLuLu (@sConetHeguitAr) November 8, 2023

imagine 9 years being active and the idols themselves have to do the marketing. u disgust me @SMTOWNGLOBAL

— dara (@darararayah) November 8, 2023

Chill Kill is set to be released on November 11.

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