Japanese Wife Writes List Of Reasons Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her Husband

Japanese Wife Writes List Of Reasons Why She Shouldn’t Kill Her Husband

A Japanese wife made a head-turning list about her husband.

In 2020, an X (Twitter) user who goes by the name @P_chan_papa shared the strange thing his wife recently started doing. He noticed that she wrote down his positive traits and the things he does that she is thankful for.

My wife recently started making a ‘small thank you list’ for me today, such as ‘[grateful that I carried] our daughter a lot’ and ‘[thankful that I bought her] tea.’

— @P_chan_papa


— ぴーちゃんパパ (@P_chan_papa) September 20, 2020

Though it sounded romantic, the reason behind this gratitude journal gave him a pause. She apparently did not list down the good things about him because she was fond of him, but because she needed a reminder that he was worth keeping in her life.

I got a little nervous and asked, ‘What happened all of a sudden? ‘ When I asked her about it, she laughed and said, ‘It’s so I don’t kill you someday,’

— @P_chan_papa

Netizens, too, found the statement worrying. They expressed their desire to never get married in fear of someone threatening their lives.

So you’ve given your wife so much stress that she’s ready to end your life, huh? Marriage is terrifying. This just convinces me I should never get married. If she has to write down the little things you do for her, it sounds like you’re not doing any big things. Sounds like you need to start making more of an effort if you don’t want to be killed. Unrelated: a Japanese couple

After reading the comments that netizens left him, the husband left another post saying he was not worried about his wife hurting him. He fully believed that she was joking about wanting to leave him for dead. In fact, he said that “she’s the coolest.”

I think it’s a joke…she’s the coolest. Making the effort not to kill your husband really is important.

— @P_chan_papa





— ぴーちゃんパパ (@P_chan_papa) September 22, 2020

Finally, after a little more digging on his end, the original poster found out that his wife’s intentions were truly pure.

I talked to my wife a little more and she said she started writing the lists so that she won’t take ‘obvious’ acts of kindness for granted.

— @P_chan_papa

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