Industrial EBM Project Viva Non Debuts Mechanical Techno Fever Dream “Cruel Threat”

Industrial EBM Project Viva Non Debuts Mechanical Techno Fever Dream “Cruel Threat”

Exploring the darker, more relentless side of electronic music, Viva Non has unveiled a new track titled “Cruel Threat.” This piece is a brooding amalgamation of industrial and EBM-infused techno that commands attention with its rhythmic noise and penetrating techno beats. It’s a track that doesn’t just play; it invades the space with its intense, reflective cadence, perfect for the avant-garde underground vibe operating within the cavernous halls of Berlin’s Atonal festival.

The mastermind behind Viva Non, James Hofer, provides insight into the creative process, stating, “With this track, I set out to create something intense and meditative. Potentially capturing or speaking to a collective, omnipresent anxiety.” Hofer’s experimental approach, distorting synths to emulate the raw edge of guitars, has culminated in a soundscape that’s both cinematic and perturbing, echoing the chaos of a sci-fi dystopia.

Hofer continues, revealing the origins of the track’s noise section as an innovative introduction for live sets. “I was happy with the tension that resulted from this addition, so I decided to release what is essentially the live version of the track instead of the more concise studio version.”

The track “Cruel Threat” is available for listening below, and fans can support Viva Non by ordering it on Bandcamp here

Cruel Threat by Viva Non

Viva Non, emanating from Winnipeg, Manitoba, is Hofer’s expressive electronic endeavor that deftly blends contemporary techno with the classic essence of industrial sound. The spectres of genre-defining acts like Ancient Methods, The Prodigy, and Regis echo in its DNA. The project’s evolution in 2022 saw it embrace EBM and Techno, leading to acclaimed performances at various festivals across Canada.

Before immersing himself in the world of electronic and EBM, Hofer contributed to metallic hardcore bands, showcasing his musical versatility. Since its inception in 2016, Viva Non has ventured through post-punk and synth-pop, with its debut album ‘Pure’ making it onto the Polaris Prize (Canada) long list. The project’s dynamic presence has graced venues all over North America, including notable festivals like SXSW and Canadian Music Week.

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