Controversy Erupts Over Park Seo Joon’s Screen Time In “The Marvels”

Controversy Erupts Over Park Seo Joon’s Screen Time In “The Marvels”

Korean netizens reacted to Park Seo Joon‘s short screen time on The Marvels.

Park Seo Joon | Naver blog

On November 8, a post titled “Park Seo Joon’s Screen Time On The Marvels” went viral.


In the post, a netizen uploaded Park Seo Joon’s alleged screen time. According to a Marvel YouTuber, they had counted the actor’s screen time themselves while watching the movie.


(Breaking) <The Marvels> Seo Joon hyung’s total screen time!

2 Minutes 47 Seconds. (*Margin of error is 5 seconds)

Source: I counted his screen time myself while watching the movie.

— 무비띵크_Movie Think

The netizen couldn’t hide their disappointment over the lack of screen time.

“I thought he would play a more significant role because they were calling him Marvel Guy on Seojin‘s, LOL.” “You mean the one where he is cosplaying as a moth?” “I thought he was one of the lead characters. I can’t believe his screen time is less than the time it takes to cook cup noodles… Not going to watch.” “I guess I don’t need to watch, LOL.” “They put him in a lot of promos for 3 minutes…” “Are his scenes in the trailer it?” “They put him on the main poster but he is given screen time fitting for an extra.” “This puts a bad taste in my mouth. It just pisses me off how they are treating the Asian character.”

Meanwhile, Park Seo Joon’s screen time isn’t the only thing Korean netizens are criticizing. Read more in the link below.

Park Seo Joon’s Styling In “The Marvels” Draws Mixed Reactions From Netizens


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