Actors Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, And Seohyun Gain Attention For Their Insane Visuals In Photobook

Actors Song Kang, Park Eun Bin, And Seohyun Gain Attention For Their Insane Visuals In Photobook

Namoo Actors recently released concept teasers for their artists’ 2024 Seasons’ Greetings. Seasons’ Greetings are yearly launched calendar and journal sets featuring a unique photobook. The actors in the company each got their own individual theme. Check them out below.

1. Song Kang

The star went for a subtly spicy theme, Scent of K. He’s been eating as the visual boy of the acting industry, so we’re not surprised that he slayed this shoot too.

Dressed in simple outfits and monochrome, it really brought out his aura. This photo of him is particularly sexy.

He also rocked a leather coat and black T-shirt, channeling more sultry vibes.

2. Seohyun

She channeled her inner idol for this one. Out of all the actors, Seohyun was the only one who went for a more bubbly concept.

The casual-sporty look is perfect for her. We also spy some adorably choppy bangs.

Seohyun looks as sweet as the bubblegum she’s chewing.

3. Park Eun Bin

Park Eun Bin’s beauty is unrivalled in this set of photos. The natural nude makeup enhanced her innocent features.

This is a step away from her usual bubbly personality. Perhaps this is why it is named Uncharted.

She’s the true queen when it comes to the elegant yet innocent concept.

Netizens gushed over the visuals.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Seohyun’s bangs are so pretty. Song Kang is insane. Song Kang is so handsome. Park Eun Bin is so pretty. Her vibes are my style. Everyone is f*cking cool and f*cking pretty. Seohyun’s so charmingly pretty…. You can feel her experience and charms through the pictures. Song Kang is f*cking handsome. Seohyun is f*cking pretty. I love it. She truly seems the best at pulling off concepts. I just want to buy it because it’s pretty. Park Eun Bin is insane.

Looks like Namoo Actors’ actors are all visuals! They could give “Lee Soo Man’s flower garden” a run for their money for sure.

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