25-Year-Old Japanese Woman Stabs Host Bar Boyfriend In Public — After Being Abused

25-Year-Old Japanese Woman Stabs Host Bar Boyfriend In Public — After Being Abused

A Japanese woman aged 25 years old has been arrested for stabbing a 23-year-old man. She was arrested on site around 1.30 am on November 5, 2023. The incident took place in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was revealed by the media that the man was a host at a host bar, while she met him as a client.

The attack. | Segye

A host bar usually has a fleet of men that women can pay for to spend time with them. It usually entails drinks in the bar, and whatever the two choose to do afterward is in their own hands. According to the witness accounts of passersby, the woman had shouted at the man, “Did you think of continuing to rip money off me,” “Am I a joke to you,“”Don’t act up,” “Don’t mess up my life,” and more. She also told the gathered crowd that she had spent around 18,000,000 yen ($119,283 USD) on him.

The police taking her away. | Segye

The man was stabbed near his neck and shoulders, but the wounds were not life-threatening. She had stabbed him multiple times with a weapon. It was later revealed by the media that they had met using a live-streaming app used by hosts. They progressed into lovers and had even lived together. The woman paid for the man’s clothing and makeup upkeep, and much more. Their relationship turned violent due to money. The man had actually assaulted the woman in April 2023. She sustained fractures to her ribs. The woman had also been to the hospital in June 2023 and August 2023 due to the man’s continued abuse. After she reported the matter to the police, the man had been issued a restraining order.

Despite this, he continued to harass her, driving her to take extreme measures. Seeing him host a live stream on November 5 without any remorse, she committed her crime while wondering how he could continue to act as if nothing had happened.

She has been charged with attempted manslaughter.


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