Who’s Dating Who? The “A Good Day to Be A Dog” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

Who’s Dating Who? The “A Good Day to Be A Dog” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

The new series A Good Day To Be A Dog is the latest webtoon adaptation about a woman cursed to turn into a dog anytime she kisses someone. Park Gyu Young stars as Han Hae Na, the teacher suffering from the curse, and ASTRO‘s Cha Eunwoo as Jin Seo Won, another teacher who is deathly afraid of dogs.

ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo and Park Ga Young | MBC

The romantic comedy will have plenty of twists before the final couple ends up together and Han Hae Na’s curse is resolved. Still, many are probably curious about the cast’s IRL romances!


Of the main cast, Yoon Hyun Soo, who plays Choi Yul, Seo Won’s nephew, and Kim Yi Kyung, who plays Min Ji Ah, a high school student, do not have any public dating history.

Yoon Hyun Soo | MBC Kim Yi Kyung

Lee Hyun Woo, who plays Lee Bo Gyeom, another teacher, has been linked to another celebrity in the past — IU. Dispatch once photographed the two on what appeared to be a date but later clarified they were just friends.

Lee Hyun Woo | MBC IU and Lee Hyun Woo

The actor was also rumored to date Red Velvet‘s Joy due to their outstanding chemistry while appearing in The Liar And His Lover. 

Red Velvet’s Joy (left) | tvN

Next, Park Gyu Young has tended to keep this side of her life private like many celebrities and was rumored to have briefly dated her It’s Okay To Not Be Okay co-star Kim So Hyun.

Kim So Hyun (left). | Netflix

Finally, Eunwoo has not officially announced any relationships with the public but has been rumored to date his True Beauty co-star Moon Ga Young. These rumors have continued years later as fans still ship the two stars together.

Moon Ga Young (left) | tvN

Though they might not be dating IRL, Eunwoo and Park Gyu Young impressed netizens from the beginning, which you can read about below.

K-Netizens Are In Love With The Synchronicity Of Actors In A New K-Drama Based On A Webtoon


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