Who Was Your Favorite? Fans React To RIIZE’s Slickback Challenge

Who Was Your Favorite? Fans React To RIIZE’s Slickback Challenge

Recently, a TikTok video took the internet by storm with the so-called “slickback” challenge. TikTok user @wm87.4 posted a video of him doing this dance move, making it seem like someone is walking or floating in the air.

As the video began to go viral, it took over the K-Pop scene, with many idols giving the challenge a try. K-Pop idol group RIIZE recently posted a video of each member taking a shot at this trend! Let’s take a look at how each member did!


슬릭백 챌린지 소희 걍 뛰는거 아니냐고ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ pic.twitter.com/sHs34n9IR8

— Ttorriiz (@Ttorriiz) November 7, 2023


omg seunghan slickback pic.twitter.com/OvryTHp7I3

— seunghan pics (@picseunghan) November 7, 2023



RIIZE IG Reel Update

rate our moveshttps://t.co/VEQuBX0PYy pic.twitter.com/c2y4sRMll9

— まちるだ🦦🧋 (@Sh0shine_1125) November 7, 2023


[] 231107 riize_official Instagram reel #EUNSEOK cut

Eunseok doing the slickback challenge #RIIZE #라이즈 #RISEandREALIZE#EUNSEOK #은석 pic.twitter.com/wOdI1goW1i

— SES Updates (@SES_Updates) November 7, 2023


bunny binnie slickback challenge #RIIZE #라이즈#WONBIN #원빈 pic.twitter.com/ekKuhDPZyE

— wonbin pics (@archivewonbin) November 7, 2023


이 착장으로 슬릭백 챌린지라니..
배경 에버랜드에 머리띠 진심 깜찍한데 무빙 멋있고 그냥 잘생김 ㄷㄷ pic.twitter.com/VJ5MQtQfWM

— 성찬.mp4 (@JSC_mp4) November 7, 2023


RIIZE tiktok update

anton trying the slickback challenge #ANTON #앤톤 #RIIZE #라이즈 pic.twitter.com/fRx0e3DETU

— daily anton (@antonsdaily) November 7, 2023

Fans that saw this couldn’t help but smile at how cute the boys were!

YouTube comments | RIIZE Official YouTube YouTube comments | RIIZE Official YouTube

Who do you think did it best?

Riize! slickback challenge pic.twitter.com/KnLkYJR2Ot

— RIIZE BASE (@RIIZEfess) November 7, 2023

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