Popular Korean Dating Show’s Final Couples Address Marriage Plans

Popular Korean Dating Show’s Final Couples Address Marriage Plans

Love After Divorce 4 just ended in late October 2023. There were three couples that came out of the final episode — Hee Jin and Jimi, Benita and Jerome, Ha Rim and Ricky. Only two couples have continued their relationship after the show has ended. With viewers all curious about their current status, the standing couples Hee Jin and Jimi, Benita and Jerome, have addressed fans’ curiosities through Biz Chosun.

Love After Divorce 4 poster.

Benita and Jerome were fan favorites from the start, as they both have humorous and easy-going personalities. They have been dating for around half a year now. They agreed that as they are both in thirties and forties, and have both been divorced once, it wouldn’t be a huge problem to live together. They don’t have concrete plans, but they are both sincerely considering moving in together. Marriage and pregnancy discussions are also on the table for the couple.

Benita and Jerome.

As for Hee Jin and Jimi, the two also don’t have a concrete date in mind, but are also looking at moving in together. As Hee Jin lives in Canada and Jimi in New York, they have been flying back and forth to make things work. They estimate that they would both live in the same area by Fall 2024. Jimi coolly stated that if they were to marry by then, they would live together, but otherwise, they plan to live in the same neighborhood. Hee Jin is also positive towards their plans for a future together.

Hee Jin and Jimi on the show.

Love After Divorce is a show that brings divorcees together for a chance at meeting a new love. Season 4 focused on Korean-Americans with elite backgrounds. You can watch the show on Netflix.

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