Mayhem Music Magazine’s “Concert Photo” Contest Winner

We at Mayhem Music Magazine enjoy showcasing the work of fellow fans and photographers that have caught special moments in time. We know what it takes to capture special moments and these are some that have caught our attention.



November 7, 2023

Our November “Concert Photo” Contest Winner


Todd Lackovitch

with his photo of Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth of Overkill

taken at the Fillmore in Silver Springs, Md




We love this photo of Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth. There’s a moment before the storm that is captured where it seems he’s anchoring down and ready to unleash the thrash. Even with this backlighting, there’s so much detail still showing in the front.  

See more of Todd’s work on Facebook at Todd Lackovitch & on Instagram at @tlackovitch


We tried to narrow it down to five Honorable Mentions but each of these photos had to be shared.


This Month’s Honorable Mentions are:



Jim Wilkinson with his photo of Niclas Engelin of The Halo Effect taken at the ProgPower USA in Atlanta Ga. You have Niclas looking into the camera and the color palette tha Jim used makes this photo vibrant and interesting.

See more of Jim’s work on Facebook at Jim Wilkinson & on Instagram at @w_i_d_photography




Savannah Bright of Bright Music Photography with her photo of a Nameless Ghoul from the Swedish rock band Ghost taken at the WaMu THeater in Seattle, Wa.  We just love the way he’s crouched down looking at her with that tilted head.This is such a clean photo in every way.

See more of Savannah’s work on Facebook at Bright Music Photography and on instagram at @brightmusicphotography




Jefe Vee with his photo of Josh Homme of Queens of The Stone Age at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, Ks. This photo is the epitome of Josh, coming across reserve but giving it all on stage.

See more of Jefe’s work on instagram at @jefephoto




Jess Harshbarger with her photo of Chad Gray of Mudvayne in Bonner Springs, Ks. Jess captured a great photo of Chad while turning it into more of a b& w and leaving just the blood read. So very cool.

See more of Jess’s work on instagram at @mudvayne557




Holly of Holly Roy Photography with her photo of Extreme at the Toyota Oakdale Theater in Wallingford, Ct. It’s hard enought getting a good shot one one or two of the band members together, It’s hard to capture the whole band in one shot without a wide angle view but Holly did it. So great to have the drummer coming through the center break.

See more of Holly’s work on Facebook at Holly Roy Photography on instagram at @holly_roy_photography





Ruth Preston with her photo of Lajon Witherspoon of Sevendust at the Andrew J Brady Music Center in Cincinnati, Oh. This is a perfectly times shot because you get Lajon’s hair taking so much of the photo yet you can perfectly see the emotion on his face still. 

See more of Ruth’s work on instagram at @ruthipreston




Vanessa Hunsaker with her photo of Alice Cooper in Tulsa, Ok. You can see so much detail in Alice’s face and it speaks volumes. Vaneesa captures exactly why this man is a legend, Even with age he still puts on one of the most incredible live shows you can see and hear.

See more of Vanessa’s work on instagram at @thevanillaj


Congrats to all those who were chosen and We hope you try posting during our next concert photo contest.



June 26, 2023

Our June “Concert Photo” Contest Winner


Diane Lynn Photography

with her photo of Frank Casciato of Just Like Priest

taken at the Municipal Auditorium in Riverside, Ca




We love this photo of guitarist Frank Casciato on stage. You have the whip of his tassles covering the entire shot yet you still get a clean shot of his face. The timing makes this an outstanding photo.

See more of Diane’s work on Facebook at Diane Lynn Photography & on Instagram at @dianelynnphotography


Here are our Honorable Mentions.


This Month’s Honorable Mentions are:



Jack Lacy of Lacy Media with his photo of Papa Emeritus of Ghost taken at the Blue Ridge Rock Festival. This photo perfectly captures the essence of Papa. 

See more of Jack Lacy’s work on Facebook at Lacy Media & on Instagram at @lacy_media




Joe Schaeffer of Joe Schaeffer Photography with his photo of Samantha Fish at the Coach House Concert Hall in San Juan Capistrano, Ca.  There’s a very cool stillness to this photo with her sustaining the note. Such a great photo.

See more of Joe’s work on Facebook at Joe Schaeffer Photography and on instagram at @joeschaefferphotography




Lisa Guliak with her photo of Ryan Roxie & Nita Strauss of the Alice Cooper Band in Moose Jaw,  Saskatchewan. The way Nita looks so blissful as Ryan looks out into the crowd sets up this shot so well.

See more of Lisa’s work on Facebook at Lisa Guliak and on instagram at @lisaguliak




Jefe Vee with his photo of Jerry Cantrell of Alice In Chains at the Uptown Theater in Kansas City, Ks. Some shots just look so much stronger in black & white. Such a classic shot of Jerry.

See more of Jefe’s work on instagram at @jefephoto




Rich Frollini with his photo of Kerry F’n King of Slayer at Stage AE in Pittsburgh, PA. Anyone who has photographed Slayer knows how red the lighting is at the beginning of the show. Rich was able to get a great photo captured with incredible lighting on Kerry.

See more of Rich’s work on instagram at @rich_frollini





Congrats to those who were chosen and We hope you try posting during our next concert photo contest.





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