Korean Singer Responds To Accusations Of Getting Evicted For Not Paying Rent For Years

Korean Singer Responds To Accusations Of Getting Evicted For Not Paying Rent For Years

A contestant on JTBC’s singing show Sing Again 3 is under fire for scandals regarding her “debt.” She addressed the situation herself, describing it as “unfair.”

“Sing Again 3” poster | JTBC

On November 7, a post titled “Revealing the Truth Behind Singer #50 on JTBC’s Sing Again 3” became a hot topic online. The author, A, claimed that the singer lived as a tenant in their parents’ apartment from 2010 to 2014 and did not pay rent and management fees for several years, leading to two forced evictions. A also mentioned that the singer raised dogs and cats without permission, causing a situation where interior repairs were needed.

Sing Again 3 is an audition program where “unknown” singers are given a second chance to have their names known. On the show, contestants are given numbers instead of being called by their names until the end.

Singer Lee Mujin on season 1 of “Sing Again” | JTBC

The accused singer, contestant number 50, turned out to be a singer named Kim Seung Mi.

A claimed that their parents suffered property damage of about ₩24.0 million KRW (about $18,500 USD) and alleged that the unresolved interior repair costs exceeded ₩5.00 million KRW (about $3,850 USD). According to A, Kim Seung Mi neither paid the repair costs nor took responsibility.

Kimi Seung Mi on “Sing Again 3” | JTBC

In response to this, Kim Seung Mi clarified the situation during an interview with Edaily.

There is nothing to repay to A, and I have never destroyed the house to the extent that it needed interior repairs. The claim that I moved out like I was running away is just an expression used to deceive people with negative words.

— Kim Seung Mi

Kim Seung Mi admitted that she paid the rent late at times but that she paid A’s parents in cash.

There were times when my rent was overdue, but I paid the amount to A’s mother several times in cash. I did it that way because at that time, A’s mother urgently needed to go abroad and wanted to receive cash. Since it was a landlord-tenant relationship at that time, I couldn’t get a receipt. That part was a mistake.

— Kim Seung Mi

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The Sing Again 3 contestant also expressed how she felt this situation was unfair.

A’s mother is not saying anything, but only A, her daughter is unilaterally making claims. It’s unfair because they are trying to blame me for the wrongs just because I’m a celebrity.

— Kim Seung Mi

| Edaily

She continued that there were posts similar to this in the past, which she took action against. She declared that she plans to take action once again.

A posted similar posts online about 3 to 4 years ago. When I sued for defamation at that time, they said, ‘I won’t do it again,’ but now they are doing it again.. I’m going to meet with a lawyer and take legal action again.

— Kim Seung Mi

She claimed that after her husband died, it wasn’t an easy time for her since her husband passed away and that these accusations were affecting her.

Kim Seung Mi (left) and Yuno (right) | BSA Entertainment

Kim Seung Mi started her music career as a solo singer in 1981 and gained popularity through her activities with the duo Seoul Family. Her husband, Yuno (or Kim Yoon Ho), joined the team in 1994 and led the team for a long time with Kim Seung Mi. He passed away in February 2021 after battling cancer.

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