A Post Just Featuring Two Pictures Of RIIZE’s Sungchan Goes Viral

A Post Just Featuring Two Pictures Of RIIZE’s Sungchan Goes Viral

On November 5, RIIZE‘s Sungchan made a return as the special MC for Inkigayo, starring alongside actress Park Ji Hu. It felt like a callback to when he was one of the regular MCs of the program from March 2021 until March 2022, when he was still a member of NCT.

Fans were glad to see his return to MCing, and many have expressed their hope that he has the opportunity to do it more regularly again soon. But it was two screenshots taken from his special guest appearance that has been going viral online!

Sungchan (RIIZE)

The two screenshots show him during his time on the show in two different outfits, standing beside Park Ji Hu and making their adorable height difference very obvious.

Even though the images are somewhat low quality, they’ve attracted so much attention online that the post featuring them has garnered millions of views!

In fact, at this time, the post has 2.9 million views, over 26k likes, and around 20k retweets.

성찬아 제발 그만해 pic.twitter.com/w5zXCjNuBH

— 펄떡이.. (@pit_a_pating) November 5, 2023

This virality has fans begging SM Entertainment to get Sungchan some acting gigs, since he has the height, visuals, and charm to make it as an actor. Or if nothing else, they’d love to see him as the permanent MC of a music awards show again!

almost 3M views??? https://t.co/d5XbeBT9Fd

— jan (@eunsyrk) November 6, 2023

hes getting those kdrama casting calls as we speak https://t.co/0VW8dNWP9Z

— ؘ (@gnwnwk) November 7, 2023

The amount of thirst quotes i saw from this is surreal but man really pops out from manga.Those propotions is damn crazy and the second outfit ……. https://t.co/onG97zhl2Q

— 🪨 & (@junmoney_Nct) November 6, 2023

Please let him act sm. I’ve been begging for actor sungchan debutant since 2021 https://t.co/5LDNNAVxLF

— anna.wjk (@annareizahs) November 5, 2023

the likes… yeah inkigayo needs to make sungchan a permanent mc again https://t.co/nFpuacaXgS

— athą (@kaibaekgyu) November 5, 2023

The post even made it onto a forum discussion board, and the comments from fans and non-fans alike show just how much people are fawning over the RIIZE member.

Sungchan definitely has a promising career ahead of him!

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