TWICE Momo’s Close Friendship With Popular 2nd Generation Idol Shocks Netizens

TWICE Momo’s Close Friendship With Popular 2nd Generation Idol Shocks Netizens

The K-Pop industry has long been known for its competitive spirit, but every so often, fans get a glimpse into the genuine friendships that form between idols across group lines. And sometimes this happens between two idols nobody expects.

| @momo/Instagram

Such a moment was recently captured and has since sent waves across social media platforms, showcasing the close bond between TWICE‘s Momo and Girls’ Generation‘s YoonA. The two idols, representing two different generations of K-Pop, were spotted sharing light-hearted moments during Paris Fashion Week, revealing a friendship that took many netizens by surprise.

| @yoona__lim/Instagram

The connection between Momo and YoonA was brought to light through a vlog posted by YoonA on her YouTube channel. The footage, revealed on November 4, was nothing short of a delightful peek into the world of idols mingling behind the scenes. Both were in Paris to attend the prestigious Miu Miu Spring/Summer 2024 Show, but it was their off-runway interactions that caught fans’ attention.

momo and yoona… they’re so cute

— momo (@momosfeed) November 4, 2023

In the vlog, YoonA — the seasoned second-generation idol and Miu Miu’s House Ambassador — is seen preparing for the event with an air of seasoned grace. Meanwhile, Momo, TWICE’s dancing ace and the House’s new Brand Ambassador, brings a fresh energy to the scene. The “Gee” singer, decked out for the show, shares candid moments with Momo, including snapping pictures together, which demonstrates the warmth between the two.

momo and yoona are literally besties… this is so cutie

— momo (@momosfeed) November 4, 2023

Yoona and Momo were taking selcas together and Yoona asked Momo which ones she liked. Momo said she liked any pic as long as her eyes weren’t closed. Yoona teased her for being confident and Momo got so shy, so cute

— minaron (@godmitzu) November 4, 2023

Their exchange, “See you later at night,” hinted at more to come, and indeed, the vlog continued to show the pair reuniting at the after-party. It was here that the duo’s dynamic really shone through. When YoonA observed Momo opting for sake, she switched her own drink from champagne to sake, igniting a fit of laughter between them. This spontaneity and shared sense of humor are exactly what thrilled fans, revealing a side of idols that audiences seldom see.

Momo and Yoona during the Miu Miu event. Momo looked so comfy hanging out with her 🥹

— ㅈㅋ (@ollyssi) November 4, 2023

YoonA x Momo interaction is wholesome

Momo said she watched some of YoonA’s YouTube. YoonA said she’s been acting too cute in front of Momo’s camera #임윤아 #YoonA #윤아 #YoonAxMiuMiu

— Yoonaddict융융 •◡• #KingTheLand on netflix (@YOONADDICTcom) November 4, 2023

At the after-party, the camaraderie between YoonA and Momo was unmistakable. Seated next to each other, they shared stories and laughs, with Momo admitting to watching YoonA’s YouTube content. The evening’s recording wasn’t just for YoonA’s channel; both idols featured on each other’s platforms, further highlighting their mutual admiration and support.

I was so lucky to have Momo with me.

— Girls’ Generation’s YoonA

“I was so lucky to have MOMO with me “
– SNSD Yoona, 2023 🩷

— ㅈㅋ (@ollyssi) November 4, 2023

The netizens’ response was overwhelmingly positive, with many taking to social media to express their joy at seeing the interaction. Some fans even reminisced about past moments between TWICE and Girls’ Generation members, reflecting on the continuity of friendships within the industry.

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