The “33rd Seoul Music Awards” Announces Star-Studded Performer Lineup

The “33rd Seoul Music Awards” Announces Star-Studded Performer Lineup

The 33rd Seoul Music Awards is gearing up to be a landmark event in the world of K-Pop, with a dazzling array of artists set to perform. Scheduled for January 2 at the Rajamangala National Stadium in Bangkok, this edition of the awards is notable for being the first held outside of South Korea.

A venue with a storied history of hosting international and K-Pop stars, the stadium is expected to fill its 50,000 capacity with eager fans ready to witness performances from a lineup that reads like a who’s who of K-Pop stardom.

The awards show is known for its unique practice of awarding only one grand prize, making the competition as intense as the performances are thrilling. Categories such as the “Main Award,” “Rookie of the Year,” and genre-specific prizes like the “Ballad Award” and “R&B/Hip Hop Award,” as well as fan-voted accolades like the “Popularity Award” and “K-Wave Award,” add to the night’s prestige.

The stadium where the event will be held. | Coldplay Timeline

But here’s who will be gracing the stage with fiery performances, as announced today.

1. NCT Dream

NCT Dream is expected to captivate the audience with their intricate choreography and vocal prowess, possibly performing “ISTJ” and the emotively charged “Broken Melodies,” both showcasing the group’s dynamic range and musical versatility.


RIIZE might bring a unique rock flair to the stage, likely energizing fans with the guitar-driven “Get A Guitar” and the sultry sounds of “Talk Saxy,” demonstrating their musical diversity and stage presence.


ZEROBASEONE could present a thrilling performance with “In Bloom” and “CRUSH,” offering a mix of lyrical depth and compelling beats that are sure to resonate with the audience, highlighting their distinctive sound and style.


NMIXX is anticipated to deliver a high-energy performance with the vibrant “Party O’Clock,” the dynamic “Roller Coaster,” and the catchy “Love Me Like This,” each track potentially showcasing their vocal and dance skills alongside their infectious charisma.


STAYC may enchant the crowd with the fresh and bubbly sounds of “Bubble” and “Poppy,” reflecting their ‘Teenfresh’ concept that combines youthful energy with catchy melodies, likely leaving the audience with a memorable impression.

6. GOT7’s BamBam

GOT7’s BamBam is expected to charm fans with a performance of “Sour & Sweet,” where his smooth vocals and sharp dance moves could highlight the song’s blend of retro and modern sounds, further establishing his solo artist image.

7. GOT7’s Youngjae

GOT7’s Youngjae could take the stage with “Do It,” where his soulful voice and heartfelt performance are expected to shine, allowing him to connect deeply with fans through his musical expressiveness.

8. Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany

Tiffany might surprise the audience with her musical selections, and although her performance details are unknown, she is known for her ability to deliver powerful performances that showcase her vocal strength and stage confidence.

9. Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel is likely to energize the audience with “SOS” from his latest mini-album. His performance may combine his signature dance moves with the song’s powerful message, providing both visual and emotional impact.


KISS OF LIFE is anticipated to perform their debut singles “Bad News” and “Shh.” These performances are expected to introduce their musical color and style to the audience, marking their presence in the industry with memorable and powerful stages.

11. Sandara Park

Sandara Park could dazzle the crowd with her single “FESTIVAL”, likely bringing her distinctive charm and style to the performance, ensuring a set that’s as visually engaging as it is musically captivating.

12. Young Tak

Young Tak may bring a touch of his charismatic performance style with songs like “Form” and “MMM”. His deep, resonant voice and engaging stage presence could make for a standout performance, potentially leaving the audience with a strong impression of his musical talents.

As the event approaches, fans are on the edge of their seats, anticipating the release of more details about the performances and which songs from these recent releases will be showcased. The Seoul Music Awards has always been an occasion for artists to shine, and this year seems to be no exception, promising a memorable night of music and celebration.

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