‘Succession’ star Sarah Snook says AI is a “terrifying” threat to actors

‘Succession’ star Sarah Snook says AI is a “terrifying” threat to actors

Succession star Sarah Snook has described the threat of AI against actors and other industries as “terrifying”.

The actor, who is best known for playing Shiv in the HBO series, discussed the ongoing Hollywood actors’ strike during an interview with the BBC.

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When asked by broadcaster Laura Kuenssberg about what she’d like to see resolved as a result of the strike, Snook expressed her concerns over the impact artificial intelligence could have on the profession.

“The main thing for me that I find terrifying is AI,” Snook said. “It’s just such [an] uncharted landscape and we need pretty stringent rules in place in order to protect, not just the acting industry, but across the board.

Sarah Snook as Shiv in the ‘Succession’ finale. CREDIT: HBO

“If we can set a precedent for other industries in regards to how AI is utilised, then that’ll be huge.”

Snook raised the spread of viral deepfake clips of actors like Tom Cruise, explaining how this technology could be exploited by companies.

“It’s uncanny,” Snook said. “So imagine then having a company who owns your image, owns your voice, creating whatever – propaganda at the worst. There’s no words to describe how important this is right now to attend to.”

As noted in a post by SAG-AFTRA on Saturday (November 4), the guild is currently reviewing and considering what was called the “last, best, and final offer” from the Alliance Of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP), who represent the likes of Netflix and Disney.

The actors’ union has been on strike since July 14, demanding better safeguards against AI technology and residual pay amid the rise of streaming services.

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