Popular Celebrity Makes Surprise Pregnancy Announcement

Rapper/singer Sleepy will become a father.

Sleepy | @sleepycamo/Instagram

On November 6, the rapper uploaded an Instagram with a photo of a baby ultrasound.

In his Instagram post, the rapper announced that he and his wife are expecting their first child.

In April of last year, I was so happy to marry my wife amid all of the blessings and congratulatory messages from those closest to me. Thanks to that day, I was able to create a warm family with my wife and pets. But I am here today to tell you even more good news.

A precious new life came to us a couple of months ago! Because my wife went through the pain of having a miscarriage last year, we are spending our days counting our blessings while waiting for our baby angel, who we will meet next year. The baby’s name (nickname) is Chacha. Myy wife is five months pregnant, and Chacha is growing happily and healthy.

— Sleepy

Sleepy also wrote about the responsibily he is feeling as a new father and couldn’t hide his excitement to meet his baby.

I think that because I am becoming a father, I feel an enormous amount of responsibility and excitement that I can’t put into words. I will become a better father and work even harder. Thank you!

— Sleepy

Meanwhile, Sleepy married his girlfriend in April of last year. The couple are said to have married after dating for four years.

Sleepy with his wife (right) | Newsis


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