Is It Time For A Korean-Style Action Hero To Emerge? Check Out Disney+’s Upcoming Drama “Vigilante”

Is It Time For A Korean-Style Action Hero To Emerge? Check Out Disney+’s Upcoming Drama “Vigilante”

With many new dramas released this fall, you might want to watch Disney+’s upcoming original series, Vigilante. This is an action thriller about an exemplary police student, Kim Jiyong, who protects the law during the day but lives as a “Vigilante” at night and directly judges criminals who have escaped the law.

Vigilante Offiical Poster | Disney+

Nam Joo Hyuk, who plays the role of Kim Jiyong, exudes a cold and heavy charisma as he shows two different sides of him.

Nam Joo Hyuk | Disney+

Yoo Ji Tae, plays the role of Jo Heon, the head of the metropolitan investigation team chasing Vigilante. Fans are excited to see the relationship between the two characters, who will clash with one another throughout the series.

Nam Joo Hyuk (left) and Yoo Ji Tae (right) | Disney+

Lee Jun Hyuk, who plays the role of Jo Kang Ok, a second-generation chaebol follower of Vigilante, is expected to express his free-spirited and crazy character.

Lee Jun Hyuk | Disney+

Kim So Jin will play the role of Choi Mi Ryeo, a broadcast reporter covering the news of Vigilante.

Kim So Jin | Disney+

During the press conference, Yoo Ji Tae hoped that the series would gain worldwide attention.

I look forward to the day when ‘Vigilante’ expands globally and catches the bat (batman). I am actually a huge fan of Batman and I was very inspired and it had a lot of influence on me as an actor. I think it’s time for a Korean-style action hero to emerge. And I can say with certainty that it is ‘Vigilante.’

Yoo Ji Tae (left) and.Nam Joo Hyuk (right) | Disney+

In the recently released group pictorial, the four actors revealed their strong charisma and different personalities. This amplified the expectations for the story that will unfold. Meanwhile, the series will officially release on November 8 and air every Wednesday.

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