Is It BTS’s Jungkook Or Jin? ARMYs LOL As A New Photo Has Them Confused AF

Is It BTS’s Jungkook Or Jin? ARMYs LOL As A New Photo Has Them Confused AF

A recent photo of BTS‘s Jungkook has netizens confused after an uncanny resemblance to the oldest member, Jin.

BTS’s Jungkook and Jin | Dispatch

In a recent video, Suga pointed out that because Jungkook has been with them for so long, he absorbed the different members’ habits like a sponge.

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It seems like Suga couldn’t be more right as a photo had many ARMYs confusing him for Jin because of the mannerisms.

On November 6, new photos were shared of Jungkook with some behind-the-scenes shots from his album Golden. As expected, the idol looked absolutely handsome AF.

Yet, one photo shook fans as, after they saw it, they had to do a double take as many thought it looked like Jin!

When the photos were posted online, it wasn’t surprising that netizens couldn’t hide their shock at the similarity. While some just shared how much Jungkook looked like his hyung…

He looks so much like Jin in this

— Dita⁷ (@almostdita) November 6, 2023

Why does Jungkook look like Jin here

— Sethy⁷ (@KnjMyLife) November 6, 2023

Others shared side-by-side comparisons of the similarities.

this with this
jungkook seokjin

— MAYCEE ⁷ fan account (@seokjinmylabsss) November 6, 2023

When you miss your Seokjin hyung sm that you actually start look like him

— Carolyne⁷ ʲᵏ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ᵛᵉʳ (ꪜ)‍🪞🪐 (@mhereonlyforbts) November 6, 2023

This Jungkook with This Jin

— Golden Monk⁷ (@btsmonk) November 6, 2023

Many even shared that technology couldn’t even hide the similarities between Jin and Jungkook!

Pinterest agrees with this too

— Sethy⁷ (@KnjMyLife) November 6, 2023


— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 6, 2023

This then led ARMYs to share that this isn’t the first, second, or even third time that fans have seen the similarities between Jin and Jungkook. One fan even shared other instances where the oldest and youngest members of BTS looked so similar it was scary.

its not the first time we had this thought

— aly⁷☾ (@nyamjinluv) November 6, 2023

Of course, ARMYs are missing Jin a lot, and this photo just made them very emotional.

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