Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon announces new mini-album, ‘To. X’

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon announces new mini-album, ‘To. X’

Girls’ Generation singer Taeyeon has announced her long-awaited fifth mini-album, titled ‘To. X’.

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At midnight KST today (October 6), Taeyeon released a teaser video for her upcoming fifth mini-album ‘To. X’. The clip features the K-pop idol breaking up with a lover over text.

“As much as I liked you, I tried to compromise for you. Now I’m saying goodbye. I’m gonna block you,” she writes, followed by artistic photographs of an apartment in disarray.

Taeyeon’s fifth mini-album ‘To. X’ comes out on November 27 at 6pm KST. Keep tabs on this page for the latest updates.

The official announcement of new music from Taeyeon comes after months of delays. The singer’s agency, SM Entertainment, first said in February 2023 that it was planning to release new music by the Girls’ Generation member this April. However, that never materialised.

This planned release was later pushed back to the third quarter of 2023, according to a preview of upcoming music releases SM Entertainment published in May 2023. However, Taeyeon did not release any new music within that time frame.

SM Entertainment would finally confirm in mid-October 2023 that Taeyeon’s first mini-album would be released this November. At the same time, the K-pop agency also announced new music by SHINee’s Taemin, aespa, RIIZE and more.

aespa will release their new mini-album, titled ‘Drama’, this Friday (November 10) at 2pm KST/Midnight EST. Listen to a preview of all six songs on the upcoming project here.

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