G-Dragon Personally Addresses Drug Scandal Following Test Results

G-Dragon Personally Addresses Drug Scandal Following Test Results

G-Dragon took to his Instagram to address his drug allegations following his negative drug test.

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On November 6, Yonhap News reported that G-Dragon had tested negative for drugs. The negative test follows weeks of negative comments aimed at G-Dragon after Police revealed he was being investigated for drugs.

G-Dragon’s Drug Test Results Revealed

After news broke of his negative drug test, G-Dragon took to his Instagram to directly address the false allegations levied against him.

In his Instagram post, G-Dragon writes that all the wrongs of the world will eventually be corrected.

All things will eventually return to their righteous state.

At first, what is wrong may prevail due to not being able to tell what is right, but before long, all things will return to their righteous state.

— G-Dragon

Netizens praised G-Dragon for his post and expressed their support for the embattled idol.

“Ah, Kwon Ji Yong (G-Dragon), I f@cking never doubted you, seriously. I f@cking love you.” “Uh… I just f@cking love you.” “Hyung, please release an album… ㅠㅠ.” “Ji Yong, I was worried for you and felt you were lonely. Gather strength! Please make some good music!” “Oppa, you went through so much. Although this sucks, let’s keep on keeping on. You don’t need to come back with music, and I just hope you are happy. I love you. Take care of yourself.”

Meanwhile, netizens are demanding accountability from the Police for publicizing G-Dragon’s investigation. Read more in the link below.

Korean Netizens Demand Answers Following G-Dragon’s Test Results


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