Cam’ron Shoots His Shot At Joe Smith’s Wife On ‘Check Out The Stat’ Show

Cam’ron Shoots His Shot At Joe Smith’s Wife On ‘Check Out The Stat’ Show

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Recently, former NBA player Joe Smith made headlines when he found out that his wife and former porn star Kisha Chavis had an OnlyFans account to bring in some side revenue much to his chagrin.


With her newfound popularity due to that video going viral, Kisha Chavis has been making publicity rounds and recently sat down with Cam’ron on the Check Out The Stat show where the Harlem rapper seemed to be shooting his shot at Mrs. Smith. During the interview, posted (Nov. 3), Chavis explained the fallout from the video going viral, including the fact that Joe Smith left the house the day after the argument, Cam’ron wasted no time in trying to woo the now somewhat separated from her hubby business woman into stepping into a world of a rapper’s delight.

After getting into what her current relationship status is with her husband (she’s not sure), Chavis informed them that she had a massage business named Body Rub Babes. Cam bluntly asked her, “If I wanted you to be one of my body-rub babes, like, would you be a body-rub babe for me?” Seemingly hesitant about answering the question, Chavis responded with a nonchalant, “Uh, yeah sure.” Continuing to keep his momentum going (LOL), Cam proceeded to compliment her physical degree by saying “I don’t mean to be unprofessional or anything like that, but I can’t stop looking at your cleavage. Yo, your cleavage is poppin,’ babe.”

Damnit, Cam’ron! She’s still a married woman.

How this ends is anyone’s guess, but best believe Joe Smith is somewhere ready to knuckle up, b.

Check out the entire interview below and let us know your thoughts on the situation and Cam’ron apparently shooting his shot in the comments section below.

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