BTS Tattoo Artist Posts Shirtless Pictures Of Jimin, Revealing His Tattoos

BTS Tattoo Artist Posts Shirtless Pictures Of Jimin, Revealing His Tattoos

A tattoo artist who has worked with BTS for many years has shared his story of working with the members after careful consideration.

After careful consideration, I decided to share this story. I’ve known these guys for about a decade now. So I know how passionate and diligent they are as musicians.

— DongHwa

Tattooist DongHwa revealed that he has worked with them since pre-debut, so about a decade. Since the start, he has respected them immensely. Even after all these years, nothing has changed.

I met them even before they debuted, and I’ve worked on different things with the members as well as the management. But because they became incredibly busy over time, it was harder for me to see them often. Whenever I got to work on something with them, I had my fair share of worries and concerns to think through. But from the moment I met them, I had nothing but the utmost support for them.

— DongHwa

Jimin (left) and DongHwa (right) | @dx2ta2/Instagram

So, DongHwa also revealed the tattoos that he has done for Jimin. He shared a photo of himself with Jimin and many close-ups of the tattoos on Jimin’s body.

And that hasn’t ever changed. That being said, I’d like to share the pieces that I tattooed on Jimin first—among the many that I had the honor of working on with them. Please try to look at this in a positive way.

— DongHwa

| @dx2ta2/Instagram

As ARMYs know, Jimin has a “NEVERMIND” tattoo on his right ribs. He has “13” on his left wrist, “YOUNG” above his left elbow, “FOREVER” above his right elbow, the first moon tattoo on his upper back, and “Youth” behind his left ear.

| @dx2ta2/Instagram | @dx2ta2/Instagram | @dx2ta2/Instagram

Jimin’s shoulders are so broad, too!

| @dx2ta2/Instagram | @dx2ta2/Instagram

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