A Sonic Triumph: Eyes Like Planets’ “Show Some Heart” Redefines Indie Rock Passion

A Sonic Triumph: Eyes Like Planets’ “Show Some Heart” Redefines Indie Rock Passion

In the bustling world of indie rock, where musical evolution and genuine artistic expression are the currency of resonance, Eyes Like Planets, the brainchild of the multitalented songwriter and lyricist Joshua German, stands as a resounding testament to unwavering dedication and impassioned creativity. With a rich history entrenched in the intricacies of Post Hardcore and Experimental Rock, while simultaneously drawing inspiration from an eclectic blend of Pop, Electronic, RnB, and Indie, German’s decade-long journey through the pulsating heartbeat of the music industry has culminated in the formation of Eyes Like Planets. A project propelled by a fervent commitment to unfiltered musical honesty, they unfurl their latest sonic opus, the single “Show Some Heart,” a tantalizing harbinger of their second EP, eagerly awaited by their ever-growing fanbase.

“Show Some Heart,” the first of the quartet of tracks to be unveiled from their upcoming EP, is an auditory tapestry woven with the deft precision of German’s songwriting prowess. Embracing a luxurious, groove-driven soundscape, the song glistens with an exuberant vivacity, brimming with an array of intricately woven details that demand repeated indulgence. Resurrecting the hypnotic swirl of the guitar jangle and the seductive shimmer of the keys, the dynamic percussion injects an infectious vitality, propelling the track forward as it elegantly pirouettes around Joshua German’s soulful and melodious vocal delivery.

Akin to a sonorous elixir, “Show Some Heart” casts an immediate and all-encompassing spell, its allure rivaling the most captivating of sonic offerings to grace the indie airwaves this year. Notably, amidst the symphony of expertly executed musicality, Joshua German’s performance shines as the unequivocal highlight, boasting a swooning, dreamy vocal delivery that may arguably mark a zenith in his already illustrious career. The single serves as a monumental stride forward for Eyes Like Planets, impeccably aligning with German’s poignant lyricism, all while being ensconced within the mesmerizing confines of the song’s hypnotic mid-tempo sound.

“Show Some Heart” stands as a poignant testament to German’s artistic evolution since the release of the “Old Wounds” EP in 2020, exuding a newfound confidence and maturity that is palpable in every meticulously crafted note and heartfelt verse. The lyrical narrative, as evidenced in the profound musings of the song’s introspective verses, resonates with a universal vulnerability and a steadfast determination to triumph over the trials and tribulations that beset the human experience. German’s evocative exploration of personal struggles and the relentless pursuit of self-realization infuses the track with an empowering resonance, amplifying its impact as a soul-stirring anthem of resilience and unwavering perseverance.

The opening lines, “Lately it feels like I’ve been riding in the back seat of my own life / Cuz I fail every time I take the wheel,” set the tone for the rest of the song. The imagery of being in the back seat of one’s life suggests a lack of control or agency, a feeling that many listeners may resonate with. The mention of “slinging a pound just to pay the bills” and “never come out ahead” reflects the struggle to make ends meet and the constant battle to achieve financial stability. The line “I try to find a better way / Forget all the hate and the blame” signifies a conscious effort to move beyond negativity and focus on self-improvement.

The repetition of “Fuck the money / Fuck the day job / Ghost the haters / Hang the trolls and brush it all off” reinforces a rebellious spirit, encouraging listeners to disregard external pressures and stay true to their aspirations. The lyrics encourage perseverance and a rejection of societal norms that may hinder personal growth and happiness.

In “Show Some Heart,” Eyes Like Planets beckons listeners to embark on an immersive sonic journey, one that transcends mere musicality and delves into the depths of the human spirit. Through a potent amalgamation of poignant lyricism, meticulously crafted instrumentation, and Joshua German’s impassioned vocal delivery, the band unveils a profound and resonant narrative that lingers long after the final notes fade into the ether.

With this stellar offering, Eyes Like Planets set the stage for the imminent release of their second EP. “Show Some Heart”  is a testament to the enduring power of music to illuminate the human experience and instill a sense of hope and resilience that transcends the confines of time and space.


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