Perfect Legacy Promotions and ATL ON FIYA Presents Playa P The Mvp

Perfect Legacy Promotions and ATL ON FIYA Presents Playa P The Mvp

Today we have one of the hottest artists coming out of the rap scene of Atlanta – Playa Fp! This past summer, Playa P has been catching a buzz performing in ATL clubs every week. With his own style of music, it’s only right that we request an interview and get to know more about Playa below:
What influenced you to become a rapper? I was always into music because I had a rough upbringing, so music helped me cope.
What made you start your own record label, PME? Well, I wanted to help other independent artists get to the top not just me because I been through all the bs so I wanted to be a major help, not only to get to the top but to help kids avoid the street life.
Where were you born and raised? Decatur, Georgia
How did the music culture of the Atlanta metro affect your choice of style? It let me know that out style as southern hip hop has a wide range and all I have to do is create and stay consistent I’ll blow.
What do you feel made you stand out from other artists in Decatur, GA? My creativity and me not being afraid to fail as long as I’m chasing my dream.
If I were from out of town and wanted the best local food in the ATL area – which 3 food spots would you recommend I go to? It’s too many, um, cheesecake factory, sun dial, spundivits.
What is your most underrated, but favorite song of yours? No choice
Where did your artist name come from? I used to have a lot of female friends and often I’d get accused of being with them all.
What should your fans expect for the rest of 2023? Well, more shows and more visuals and definitely a more personal album.
Make sure you catch Playa P and his PME label live this Thursday at Haveli Lounge in downtown Atlanta, GA!

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