Baby Yebin Isn’t A Baby Anymore, She’s Nearly A Teenager

Kim Yebin, also known as Baby Yebin, became an internet sensation in 2014 when an adorable video of her mom trying to teach her to avoid stranger danger went viral. Since then, she’s become widely known for her funny and sweet personality, with over 240,000 Instagram followers, 200,000 YouTube subscribers, and regular content uploaded to the Baby Yebin Youtube channel by her own manager Mom. But she’s not a baby-faced four-year-old anymore! Check out how much Yebin has grown up in the past few years. She’s almost 12 years old now!

1. Out enjoying Macarons and coffee.

2. Modeling for Icebiscuit backpacks

3. Out supporting the SSG Landers baseball team (with her brother!)

4. At the PC Cafe, enjoying some games

5. Taking a break with a strawberry milk

6. And a dessert to boot!

7. Food adventures with Yebin

8. Looking pretty for the camera

9. Celebrating her birthday!

10. Looking right at the camera!

11. Bonus: head back down memory lane, to when little Yebin was that adorable baby…

12. And check out her latest vlog, she’s still making videos!

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