Netflix viewers “can’t get enough” of this new Mexican thriller series

Netflix viewers “can’t get enough” of this new Mexican thriller series

A new Netflix drama is proving a hit with fans who “can’t get enough” of the new show.

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The Mexican thriller series called Pact of Silence/Pacto di Silencio, has proved a hit with fans around the world who have been gripped by the show’s plot and storyline.

Directed by Carlos Villegas Rosales and written by José Vicente Spataro, the series tells the story of Brenda Rey (played by Camila Valero), who is a social media influencer. Abandoned as a child by her mother and with a harrowing past, Rey decides to get revenge on the people who abandoned her at birth. 

The official synopsis for the show says: “When she was an infant, four private-school kids left Brenda Ray in the middle of the woods, in a shack.

“Brenda grew up homeless and was sexually abused, but through it all, she was determined to crawl her way out of poverty and make a name for herself. Now she’s a powerful social media influencer with connections and resources people only dream of.

“But instead of luxuriating in her riches and success, Brenda wants revenge on the women who conspired to hide her birth. With the help of her manager, Alex, she’s determined to find every single one of them, including the headmistress who enabled it all.”

On social media, fans have been raving about the new show. One described it as the “best Mexican series of watch,” while another said it was “so good.”

Another viewer added that it was “too fantastic” while another said it was “such a good binge.”

Check out some more of the fan reaction here:

Pact of Silence ! Best Mexican Series to Watch , On Netflix

— Farooq Khan (@UlefossImir) November 1, 2023

y’all need to watch pact of silence on netflix so good

— 2Pretty (@_donishamya) November 2, 2023

The drama in Mexican dramas?? Too fantastic. It’s like this Pact of Silence should never end

— Kafilah (@damikaffs) November 2, 2023

Pact of Silence on Netflix is such a good binge (if you don’t mind the English voiceover)

— Tiffany (@Tiff_Sousa) November 3, 2023

Pact of silence on Netflix was good af

— C. (@eellimac__) October 29, 2023

watching ” Pact of Silence ” on netflix its so good!!!

— J.Nicole (@eenymzaj) October 31, 2023

Been binge watching the pact of silence since I got off and it’s good af

— SixtyShadesOfSyd (@60ShadesOfSyd) November 3, 2023


In other Netflix news, Bodies starring Stephen Graham topped the Netflix UK charts this week.

On Thursday (November 2), the crime thriller series was the most popular TV show on the streaming service in the UK. Based on the DC graphic novel, it follows four detectives across four different time periods as they attempt to solve a murder.

The second most popular was Get Gotti, a documentary series which follows the FBI’s battle to bring down infamous mob moss John Gotti.

You can read the full list of this week’s most popular shows on Netflix here. 

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