Korean Singer Chooses Unique Way To Promote Her Upcoming Single

Korean Singer Chooses Unique Way To Promote Her Upcoming Single

Ban Seolhee, known for her creative music and indie style, has come up with a simple yet personal way to promote her new single “Galatea.”

Unlike the usual flashy teasers, Seolhee chose to share a simple video on social media, where the song plays in the background of an iPhone screen recording, displaying the lyrics on the notes app. This never-before-seen promotional method is catching attention for its simplicity and personal touch.

i love noises pic.twitter.com/evn0NrK3kA

— 반설희 (@2ndheroine) November 3, 2023

Seolhee’s musical journey began as a solo artist named Ancer, transitioning later to her birth name. Over the years, she’s been part of various music groups, including the indie duo 새벽예감, girl group Girls2000, and female duo soavil.mp3. Due to all these activities, her diverse experience in the Korean music scene has always set her apart.

Her early solo career kicked off with the single “About Me” in 2018, followed by several other singles and group projects. Each release showcased her growing artistry, culminating in a new digital single, “숨바꼭질,” released in 2020 under her current name.

In 2022, Seolhee announced her first studio album, Heroine Again, a significant milestone reflecting her continuous evolution as an artist. This journey led to the recent innovative promotion of her upcoming single.

Ban Seolhee talks about her group Girls2000 (Little Princess Project) in a new interview

Read more in the thread below: pic.twitter.com/zylwb7urCi

— nugu promoter (@nugupromoter) September 5, 2022

The promotion for “Galatea” strips away the common extravagance associated with K-Pop releases — that are usually accompanied by hefty teaser schedules and images — bringing focus to the song’s lyrics and Seolhee’s voice. Fans get a sneak peek into the new track while experiencing it in a raw, unfiltered manner through the screen recording. Seolhee’s approach makes the promotion feel more personal and direct, resonating well with fans who appreciate a closer connection to the artist and her music.

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Seolhee’s simple promotion method for “Galatea” is not only a breath of fresh air but also a smart way to create a buzz with minimal resources. It reflects a thoughtful and innovative approach, showing that sometimes less is indeed more. Her unique promotion strategy has undoubtedly set a distinctive tone for what fans can expect from “Galatea” and Ban Seolhee’s musical endeavors moving forward.

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