Kim Jong Kook’s Comment To Song Ji Hyo That Caused Chaos Within “Running Man”

Kim Jong Kook’s Comment To Song Ji Hyo That Caused Chaos Within “Running Man”

Running Man‘s favorite on-screen couple is taking things up a notch on the newest episode! One episode of the SBS variety program was filled with headline worth moments, as the cast members raced to find the “mafias” of the game, who were given separate missions to complete.

During one segment of the episode, the Running Man members were given the challenge of competing in a high jump game. As each member partook in this portion of the show, Kim Jong Kook‘s concern for his love-line partner Song Ji Hyo took the spotlight.

Song Ji Hyo (left) and Kim Jong Kook (right) | SBS

It was Song Ji Hyo’s turn to clear her high jump attempt, but due to her previous fail, she revved up her engines to practice a few times. As she practiced her jump position, it was then that Kim Jong Kook came to her rescue to aid her practice.

Song Ji Hyo practicing for her high jump | SBS

The singer — who had been passing each high jump attempt with ease — immediately came to the actress’s side to coach her through her jump.

Kim Jong Kook rushing to her aid | SBS

This is all you need to do.

— Kim Jong Kook

However, it was his following comment that garnered the quick attention of his fellow Running Man members. As Kim Jong Kook talked Song Ji Hyo through his personal coaching session, he uttered this comment.

All you need to do is fall back and lay down like it’s my bed. That’s it.

— Kim Jong Kook

And while he may have said it in passing, Yoo Jae Suk picked up on it immediately and questioned Kim Jong Kook’s motive.

Yoo Jae Suk to Kim Jong Kook: “Like it’s my bed…?!”

Naturally, the response to the comment ensued mass chaos on the show, as Haha and  Yang Se Chan immediately banded together to sing a famous line from TVXQ‘s “Hug.”

‘Just for one day I would like to be the bed in your room.’

— Haha and Yang Se Chan singing TVXQ’s “Hug”

As the entire Running Man crew began to poke fun at Kim Jong Kook, he tried to explain his comment by sharing, “I meant your own personal bed. Run and jump as if you’re about to lay in your own bed.” However, nobody listened to his explanation and naturally, our favorite sparta chose a victim to take his “anger” out on and this time, it was none other than Yoo Jae Suk.

I meant her own personal bed!!!

— Kim Jong Kook

As Song Ji Hyo geared up to complete her turn, Haha couldn’t help himself, as he continued to make fun of the situation by sharing another bed-related comment.

To make Ji Hyo feel more at ease, can you do what you normally do for her and offer your arm as a pillow, hyung [Kim Jong Kook]?

— Haha

Following this hilarity, Song Ji Hyo finally gave it her all and completed her high jump, but was unsuccessful with her attempt.

As she brought laughter to her Running Man team with her comedic fall, Yoo Jae Suk and Kim Jong Kook hurriedly ushered to her side to help her back up.

Oh Kim Jong Kook, thank you for bringing us this hilarious moment! Watch it below, starting at 3:40

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