Philadelphia Post-Punk Outfit The Silence Kit Debut Video for “Let Me Dream”

Philadelphia Post-Punk Outfit The Silence Kit Debut Video for “Let Me Dream”

Hailing from the vibrant musical landscape of Philadelphia, The Silence Kit emerges as a formidable force in the realm of post-punk. With their textured, dark, indie rock sound, the band has etched their mark since their inception in 2001 as a solo project led by the enigmatic singer and guitarist Patrick McCay. Drawing inspiration from a diverse tapestry of influences including post-punk, indie-rock, shoegaze, and neo-psychedelia, The Silence Kit has undergone a natural evolution, enthralling audiences with their riveting performances and a discography that boasts a string of LPs, EPs, and singles over the years.

On the crisp autumn evening of November 3, 2023, the world bore witness to the digital release of The Silence Kit’s latest offering, “It’s Not Too Late,” under the banner of Azteca Records. Accompanying this eagerly awaited release was the unveiling of the music video for the album’s standout single, “Let Me Dream.” The track pulsates with the band’s signature fusion of driving yet atmospheric post-punk, evoking nostalgic echoes reminiscent of revered acts like The Cure, The Sound, The Comsat Angels, The Psychedelic Furs, and The Chameleons. Director Lee Eschliman’s artful visualization effortlessly captures the fluctuating shades of darkness and light that mirror the song’s emotional contours.

Imbued with 80s-style sensibilities, “Let Me Dream” resonates as if the early stylings of U2 collided head-on with the evocative allure of The Chameleons amidst the vibrant milieu of New York City’s Lower East Side during the heyday of the post-punk-revival. The video oscillates between stormy clouds and nocturnal urban vistas, creating a liminal, dream-like ambiance that perfectly complements the track’s immersive lyrics.

Watch the video for “Let Me Dream” below:

“It’s Not Too Late” marks The Silence Kit’s sixth studio album, building upon the success of their critically acclaimed 2018 release, “Fall Protection,” which was featured exclusively on Big Takeover and garnered widespread praise from enthusiasts of post-punk, indie rock, and alternative music fans alike.

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It’s Not Too Late by The Silence Kit

The journey of recording “It’s Not Too Late” commenced in the early months of 2020, unknowingly preceding the global pandemic that would soon engulf the world. As the album sees the light of day in November 2023, it showcases a band that has honed their sonic palette while staying true to their artistic essence. From the propulsive vigor of tracks like “Let Me Dream,” “Blood,” and “Nonsense” to the introspective depths of “Hoping Isn’t Helping” and “Draw Me,” alongside the ethereal indie-rock allure of “Losing Sight” and “Overwhelming Things,” and the synth-driven intensity of “Vacancy Chain,” the LP presents a rich tapestry of musical diversity.

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