New Zealand Diplomat Proves Her Genuine Love For BTS With One Iconic Reference

New Zealand Diplomat Proves Her Genuine Love For BTS With One Iconic Reference

As one of the biggest music acts in the world right now, BTS is no stranger to having elite fans, from the likes of celebrities to athletes. Recently, a diplomat from New Zealand also confirmed on record that she is what ARMYs might call a “bora blooded” fan.

BTS | Rolling Stone

Dawn Bennet is the New Zealand Ambassador to Korea, but netizens now might know her better as a high-profile BTS fan. And the news came to light only thanks to Jam Republic, the fan-favorite dance crew from Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter 2!

Dawn Bennet | Korea JoongAng Daily

Recently, the members of Jam Republic visited the New Zealand Embassy in Korea at the invitation of Bennett. The dance crew has a special connection with the country as members Kirsten, Ling, and Emma are all from New Zealand. The team also used New Zealand as a setting for their Mega Crew Mission on the Mnet show, which received much positive attention from viewers.

Jam Republic | Mnet

As a gracious host, Dawn Bennet welcomed the crew members with snacks from New Zealand as they got chatting about various topics, including K-Pop. Bennett proved that she was a dedicated fan of Jam Republic as she mentioned watching some of the dance challenges the members filmed with singers like Taeyang and TXT’s Hueningkai.

뉴질랜드 대사관님이 태양 인스타 팔로우하신대요!!#BIGBANG #TAEYANG

— 뱅쇼 (@3___Bigbang) November 2, 2023

The New Zealand ambassador mentioned “Huening Kai from TXT” who did the challenge with Audrey in a talk at the SWF2.#HUENINGKAI @TXT_members

— TXT Daily News (@TXT_DailyNews) October 31, 2023

However, her proper K-Pop fan side came out only after one of the members asked, “Do you like K-Pop?” and Bennet confessed that she is a “big fan” of BTS.

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In fact, she also revealed her biased member to be Suga. The diplomat then proceeded to show her favorite move by the rapper, imitating his part in the song “Dope.”

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The clip has created quite some frenzy among BTS fans, who are happy to see such genuine appreciation for the group from someone of Bennet’s stature.

lmao the New Zealand ambassador to South Korea said to Jam Republic that her favorite kpop group is BTS and bias is Suga she has taste 🫶

— mil⁷ (@joontidie) October 31, 2023

This so cute! Elizabeth Bennet, Ambassador of New Zealand to the Republic of Korea is huge fan of BTS and Yoongi biased. OMG, she so real for this! She knows Yoongi verse on DOPE..

— •ʀᴏsᴇ⁷•D-DAY• (@CYPHERS_DDAENG3) October 31, 2023

— Agust D-serves (@mandaroongi) October 31, 2023

Just a grandee can impress a grandee…

— Agust d (Min Suga)🪷 (@Dlimos94) October 31, 2023

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