Netizens Divided On Some IVE Members Having Custom Mics

Recently, an online community board discussed the reason as to why only some of the IVE members had custom microphones.

Online community board post | Instiz

Title: Why are IVE’s Annyeongz microphones different?

Are they using ones they received during their IZ*ONE days? I was watching a video for ‘Either Way’ and it looks like they’re the only ones with custom mics.

Although they all do not have custom mics yet, they all have received custom headset mics for their one year anniversary last year!

#아이브 #IVE

아이브 갤러리 1주년 서포트 – 커스텀 무대용 헤드셋 마이크(CROWN CM311) 전달 완료

— 아이브 마이너 갤러리 (@ive_gallery) December 6, 2022

Fans who saw this were divided on their thoughts about custom microphones for individual members.

Netizen comments | Instiz Netizen comments | Instiz “The Annyeongz and Leeseo have custom mics, and the rest usual normal mics..I was a bit sad to see this.” “Ahhh….” “So only some members have custom mics? This is the first time seeing something like this.” “Couldn’t they just all just not accept them.” “Can’t the agency just give them all custom mics.” “Wow I’ve never seen a situation like’s a bit strange.” “These are individual fan gifts.” “Did they receive this after debuting as IVE? Yes, it hasn’t been too long since they received them. Ah I see! Leeseo, Yujin, and Wonyoung have received them.” “The other members didn’t receive them as gifts?” “Usually if they don’t receive them for everyone they don’t accept them, but I guess they don’t follow this system.” Netizen comments | Pannchoa Netizen comments | Pannchoa Netizen comments | Pannchoa

What are your thoughts about custom gifts from individual fandoms?

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