Miles Kane covers The Beatles’ “final” song ‘Now And Then’: “Best band in the world!”

Miles Kane covers The Beatles’ “final” song ‘Now And Then’: “Best band in the world!”

Miles Kane has covered The Beatles’ “final” song ‘Now and Then‘ – check it out below.

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After months of waiting, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr yesterday (November 2) shared ‘Now And Then’ – the last track from The Beatles to feature all four original members.

The highly-anticipated project was first teased by McCartney back in June when he confirmed that he was working on a new track with the drummer, which would come together as the “final” song of the band’s discography.

Titled ‘Now And Then’, the release stems from a demo tape recorded by late bandmate John Lennon and was completed with the help of AI – which lifted the songwriter’s vocals off the initial recording and allowed the surviving members to work with them.

Now, Kane has shared a rendition of the song in a new video posted to his Instagram account saying that he “loves” the new song.

“Came round me mate Dave’s to listen to the first play of the new Beatles tune,” Kane wrote on Instagram. “I LOVE! 5 mins later we worked it out! The best band in the world I love them so much! Now and Then LOVE MK.” Check out the moment below.

Kane has been a part of the Jaded Hearts Club – a supergroup with Matt Bellamy and Graham Coxon. As part of this, Kane has previously covered The Beatles.

Speaking about the band in 2019, Bellamy said: “It’s becoming an esoteric genre, but still with huge historical and cultural importance. Like jazz, which often reinvents old songs, The Jaded Hearts Club is continuing the tradition of how bands like The Beatles and The Stones started out – finding great soul and blues standards and recording them in a more modern style.”

Kane has also spoken about The Beatles to NME before during the ‘Tracks of His Life’ interview where he opened up about his love of thier track, ‘This Boy’.

“The lyrics got me,” Kane said of the song. “When I watched it on A Hard Day’s Night and they do it, it’s the emotion of it that I felt I could connect with. It’s quite a sad song, in a beautiful way, and it’s probably one of the first songs I tried to teach myself on guitar. It’s one of those songs that gives me a lot of emotion.”

Earlier this week (November 1), a short film was broadcast on The One Show and The Beatles’ YouTube Channel, which documented the history behind the ‘final” track and how it came together.

The poignant 12-minute film was also broadcast as part of a series of programmes on the BBC to celebrate the legacy of The Beatles.

A music video – which will be the first-ever music video directed by Peter Jackson – is also set for release today (November 3). According to the renowned filmmaker, the visual accompaniment will include new footage of McCartney and Starr, as well as recently unearthed footage of all four members.

Next week (November 10) will see The Beatles release new expanded editions of ‘1962-1966 (The Red Album)’ and ‘1967-1970 (The Blue Album)’, mixed in stereo and Dolby.

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