Mariah Carey responds to “super sweet” mention in Britney Spears’ memoir

Mariah Carey responds to “super sweet” mention in Britney Spears’ memoir

Mariah Carey has responded to the comments that Britney Spears made about her in her new memoir, describing Spears as “super sweet”.

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Carey appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday (November 2), where the host read the relevant excerpt of Spears’ book The Woman in Me, which was released on October 24.

Before Kimmel could get to the passage, Carey declared, “I love her actually,” and as the reading proved, the feeling is mutual.

“At one award show I knocked on Mariah Carey’s dressing room door,” Kimmel read from the memoir. “She opened it and out poured the most beautiful otherworldly light. You know how we all have ring lights now? Well, more than 20 years ago, only Mariah Carey knew about ring lights. And no, I can’t just say her first name. To me, she’s always going to be Mariah Carey.”

Kimmel went on to say that Britney explained that Mariah taught her everything she knows about lighting, leading Mariah to respond: “That’s super sweet, what Britney said about me.”

It was revealed this week that The Woman in Me sold over one million copies in its first week of release in the US, currently holding down the Number One spot on the New York Times bestsellers chart for non-fiction. It has also topped the UK charts this week.

In other Britney Spears news, the singer also teased that a second volume of the memoir is on the horizon, as is new music.

The singer took to her Instagram account this week (October 29) to inform fans that she is set to release a new single shortly. “I wrote a new song,” she wrote, sharing a shot from the music video to her 2001 song ‘Overprotected’. According to the caption, it appears that the song is set to be called ‘Hate You To Like Me’, although she confirmed that the song isn’t to suggest that she has “beef” with anyone.

The most noteworthy sections of Spears’ memoir include huge revelations, such as her abortion whilst dating Justin Timberlake and being unable to speak “for months” after her breakup with the *NSYNC singer.

Upon its release, the pop icon also claimed she doesn’t want the project to “offend anyone” as she has “moved on” from the topics discussed.

Carey, meanwhile, has recently been presented with another copyright lawsuit over her festival classic ‘All I Want For Christmas Is You’. Country singer Andy Stone – who performs under the stage name Vince Vance – filed a complaint this week (November 1) in Los Angeles federal court, alleging that Carey’s song infringed the copyright of his 1989 song under the same name. He made the same claims in a lawsuit that was dropped this time last year.

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