Former Wanna One Member Yoon Jisung Shuts Down Sexist Questions From Fans

Former Wanna One Member Yoon Jisung Shuts Down Sexist Questions From Fans

Singer Yoon Jisung has drawn much attention online after he promptly shut down sexist comments received from fans.

Yoon Ji Sung | Chosun Ilbo

Recently, the singer was active on the fan communication platform Bubble, updating fans during his military reserve forces’ training. But in the middle of the conversation, he addressed some rude questions he received about his dressing style and hair.

I got comments like, ‘Why are you dressed like a gay?’, and ‘Can’t you do any other hairstyle that looks more manly?’ so I’m going to answer them.

— Yoon Jisung

The K-Pop singer then responded with conviction, saying that he doesn’t believe there is any “kind of clothes in this world that should be considered gay-like.” He went on to express his impressive views on self-expression and identity, refusing to associate fashion or style with gender.

I can wear skirts and grow my hair long. I don’t define such a style as feminine, and I don’t think there should be specific criteria for the way men dress, behave, and speak to be considered manly.

— Yoon Ji Sung

He then warned the fan who had posted the questions in the first place, saying, “I hope you don’t make any sexist remark like that again.”

Yoon Jisung showed remarkable maturity with his follow-up response, emphasizing that people don’t need to agree with others’ life choices, but they still should stay respectful of one another.

You may not like my hair, makeup, or outfits. But I think you shouldn’t make sexist remarks out of it. I can wear anything I want, and all of you can do so, too.

— Yoon Jisung

Yoon also emphasized that his response was not meant to personally attack anyone. Instead, he felt that society needs to show more sensibility around these topics.

I’m not saying this to fight anyone, but I think we should be more mindful about this issue as a society. I’m very cautious about mentioning it, and I’m sending these messages to remind you to be cautious. Our lives are short. Let us all live them out well.

— Yoon Jisung

Meanwhile, Yoon made his debut as a member of Wanna One, the project group formed through Mnet’s survival show Produce 101, season 2. He made his solo debut in 2019 and, the same year, enlisted for his mandatory military service. He was discharged from the military in December 2020.

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