“ARMY Must Have Been Here”: BTS Merchandise Found Amidst Rubble In Gaza

“ARMY Must Have Been Here”: BTS Merchandise Found Amidst Rubble In Gaza

In the last month, media coverage of the Israel-Palestine crisis has increased. More people are finally becoming aware of the conflict that is taking place in the Gaza Strip, voicing their outcry about the human rights issue. According to Reuters, several thousands have been killed as bombings and other fighting occur in the region, and many survivors have lost families, friends, and homes. Latest reports estimate that over 11,000 Palestinians have been killed in the region.

As you’re reading this, Palestinians are experiencing a total blackout without medical services, food, and medicine, unable to raise their voices and inform of what’s happening. The hospitals, villages, and city of Gaza are continuously being bombed into a literal genocide. And… pic.twitter.com/7dwRa3gPvz

— bts memeories⁷ (@btsmemeories) October 28, 2023

During a recent live broadcast via Instagram, volunteers inspected the rubble of a building hit by an attack in Gaza only to discover some items that many of us would recognize. The person recording picked up BTS merchandise, including a photo of V and an OT7 print, amongst other merch. Netizens believe an ARMY (BTS fan) was killed as a man found a body in the rubble as well.

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ARMYs were devastated to see the clip, which has gone viral on X (formerly known as Twitter) with over 600K views at the time of writing. It’s yet another reminder that innocent young people’s lives and dreams have been robbed of them.

My heart broke into pieces pic.twitter.com/LnnJNrM426

— ˙ᵕ˙ (@taebokkiii) November 3, 2023

this just made me fucking sob. do you see how important it is. they are just like me and you. they are humans with interests who love the same things we do. pic.twitter.com/bLootCQLSK

— tee⁷ (@koospersona) November 3, 2023

Zionists b0mbed this house in palestine and the little child was a Taehyung biased army and all their posters, school books, their merch everything survived.. except the little kid…

The little kid had dreams, had hobbies, had interests, had a future and now it’s all gone. pic.twitter.com/3ZukR95Grc

— TAE GUIDE (@taeguide) November 3, 2023

an army must’ve been here, my heart really hurts#Gaza #FreePalestine #btsarmy @bts_twt pic.twitter.com/M5TsdJaJny

— T⁷ (@yoonterlude93) November 3, 2023

Recently, TXT‘s Yeonjun and Taehyun responded to a Palestinian MOA’s final message. Read more below.

TXT’s Yeonjun And Taehyun Respond To A Palestinian MOA’s Final Message

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