‘Apex Legends’ Post Malone event is the “biggest” crossover in the game’s history

‘Apex Legends’ Post Malone event is the “biggest” crossover in the game’s history

Apex Legends has announced what is in store for players in its Post Malone-themed event, after a teaser from the rapper and songwriter himself was revealed in October.

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Post Malone has expressed his enthusiasm for Apex Legends in the past, bestowing it the award of being his favourite battle royale game. The “biggest partnership in Apex Legends history” begins on November 7 and will last for a fortnight.

The new game mode has been designed for his “love of The Games”, titled Three Strikes. Players will have three chances to be revived after being eliminated by enemies.

‘Apex Legends’ Credit: Electronic Arts

The aim is to be the last squad standing, however, players are invincible when downed and revives are almost instantaneous.

This mode will test players skills at a breakneck speed as well as their cooperation. Players will respawn one point of interest away from where their squad was defeated with all of their weapons, ammo, consumables and armour.

Three Strikes will offer Apex Legends a 1.5 multiplier on experience points between November 17 and November 19.

New Iconic tier cosmetics will be revealed, including “skins, stickers, and bundles created in partnership with Post Malone” for his favourite characters Horizon, Lifeline, Octane and Wraith.

‘Apex Legends’ Credit: Electronic Arts

A new form of in-game currency – Camo Credits – will be earnable in daily challenges throughout the Post Malone event to unlock event cosmetics. As well as this, Camo Credits can be spent on Battlepass Stars and Sweepstakes Tokens, however they will expire at the end of the event.

Last but not least, Apex Legends is holding another experience point boost weekend between November 10 and November 12 again at a rate of 1.5.

In other gaming news, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 will “subvert” fans’ earlier expectations of villain Vladimir Makarov:  “We’ve reset the story. All that old canon isn’t applicable to what we’re making.”

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