10+ Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Debut Solo Album “GOLDEN”

10+ Reactions To BTS Jungkook’s Debut Solo Album “GOLDEN”

BTS Jungkook‘s long-anticipated debut solo album GOLDEN is finally here! Check out what ARMYs are saying about it below.

1. He can do it all

each song is like a genre change I’m so madly in love with this album

— hj⁷ (@onyxkoo) November 3, 2023

2. Prince of Pop

Michael Jackson would’ve loved standing next to you MV…….I gotta wake him up for this OMGGGGGG. pic.twitter.com/ycHeAhjU9q

— Alysé⁷ 🫧 ¹⁰ (@vmonshope) November 3, 2023

jk stands for jmichael kjackson

— ch(•—•)ea (@joonsjinn) November 3, 2023

3. Got me feeling every feel


— alee⁷ (@mimilostjams) November 3, 2023

hate you STANDING
NEXT TO YOU pic.twitter.com/IzwnI12W4z

— ˙ᵕ˙ (@taebokkiii) November 3, 2023

4. The reference to “Permission to Dance”

no im not crying im not pic.twitter.com/7VxME06pIc

— ًً (@fairytaegis) November 3, 2023

5. The reference to “DNA” in “Standing Next to You”

me when jungkook mentioned dna in the lyrics for standing next to
you pic.twitter.com/vk3I9xD2U5

— angel⁷ hobi misser (@agusthoped) November 3, 2023

“When it’s deep like DNA” and Jungkook does the freaking hand motion like in the DNA choreo pic.twitter.com/sU70xcInWv

— Audrie⁷ ♡ (@AudrieOT7) November 3, 2023

when it’s deep we got dynamite
like DNA in our DNA pic.twitter.com/XdG6NXN41j

— yoonminjoon daily⁷ (@YMJDAILY) November 3, 2023

6. No skips.

normalise saying “that’s my song” after every song in golden

— marina⁷ (@littlemochi_) November 3, 2023

This is the exact representationpic.twitter.com/Ap1AWoGJaw

— Shru⁷ (@bangtinyboyys) November 3, 2023

7. We’re so proud!

IM SO PROUD OF YOU BTS pic.twitter.com/RlQoUHo071

— hope⁷ (@winnttaebear) November 3, 2023

8. It’s all connected.

you dont need permission to dance but if youre too sad to dance and maybe try slow dancing pic.twitter.com/frBP9PLf15

— Liane⁷❀ (@unotaehyung) November 3, 2023

9. “Standing Next to You” out of context

the outro of standing next to you…you know what’s up pic.twitter.com/kyWgjAU9gZ

— JIMIN DAY ⁷ (@jiminsfangs) November 3, 2023

10. He loves ARMY!

THE FACT THAT “Please Don’t Change” IS A MESSAGE FOR ARMY pic.twitter.com/QlQmzjkZnu

— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 3, 2023

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