Watch Taking Back Sunday crash longtime fans’ wedding

Taking Back Sunday surprised a pair of longtime fans by crashing their wedding.

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The band up turned up at the couple’s ceremony in Trout Lake in Stroudsburg on the same day they released their new album ‘152’, last Friday (October 27).

The couple – Sammi and Adam Seman’s – maid of honour arranged the surprise which saw the band perform ‘I Am The Only One Who Knows You’ and ‘The One’ from their new record. They also presented the couple with flowers and a copy of their new album. You can view footage below.

“I knew my cousin and maid of honour, Amanda, had a surprise for me,” Sammi told Kerrang. “Right before, my matron of honour, Shelby, tells me three of the groomsmen would be singing us a song.

“So, Amanda gets to the mic and announces the band Taking Back Sunday. Adam and I look at each other and say, ‘Yeah, right!’ but then TBS actually walks in! And obviously our reactions say it all. We were in shock and disbelief; we just couldn’t believe they were actually here at our wedding singing two songs off their new album.”

She added: “They were amazing, as always, and so, so nice. Adam [Lazzara] even gave us some relationship advice! It was the perfect surprise to an already perfect day. They gave us flowers and their new record with a special message to us.

“It’s just so unbelievable and I believe Adam described it perfectly when he yelled, ‘What is my life right now?!’ Thank you, thank you, thank you, to everyone who had a hand in this, you truly made our wedding unforgettable.”

The band also said: “We entered the beautiful reception room to loud cheers and could feel the love! We greeted Adam and Sammi with flowers, warm hugs, and a copy of our new album. Adam, John [Nolan], and Nathan [Cogan] performed ‘I Am The Only One Who Knows You’, and ‘The One’, our two most complete love songs.

“The bride and groom sang and danced along. We took photos and said our goodbyes. It was truly a beautiful night and we’re grateful we got to play a small part in it. We wish Sammi and Adam a long, happy, healthy life together filled with love and laughter. Thank you for having us!!!”

Speaking to NME recently, Lazzara said the band’s eighth studio album “feels different” to what’s come before. “Going into the record, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves to make sure everything was miles away from anything we’d done before,” he said.

“When you’ve been doing this for as long as we have, there’s a danger it’ll get to a point where nobody cares that you’re putting out new music,” continued Nolan. “The only way to really avoid that is to make an album so good that it gets people excited and demands their attention.”

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