This Is Why Bang Si Hyuk Thinks BTS Renewed With HYBE

BTS renewed their contracts with HYBE in 2023. All seven members have new contracts with the label after successful discussions. For the members that are in the army, their contract periods will begin after they are discharged. Fans are already excited for a potential full group reunion in 2025!

HYBE founder Bang Si Hyuk recently appeared on You Quiz with Park Jin Young. He talked about BTS’s recent renewal and how it went down.

He felt that it was largely due to the band’s trust in the company due to their long history together.

Of course, he was well aware that BTS had many options as global stars. When BTS chose HYBE, Bang Si Hyuk felt a great sense of accomplishment. It was the best moment in his 20 years working in management!

At artists of their level, BTS has many options. For me, as the head of management and label, the fact that they chose us means that they are acknowledging the history that we have worked together with them, and that they have sufficiently accepted that we have also done well with them. It felt like they were praising me. And although I always talk about it as a happy thing, [the discussions] mostly were just time taken to make adjustments. When they said that they would trust me and renew it, it was the happiest time in all 20 years of my time working in management.

— Bang Si Hyuk

Looking forward to HYBE’s and BTS’s synergy together in the coming years!

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