Realistic ‘Roblox’ Ryanair game celebrates a million “flights” completed

Realistic ‘Roblox’ Ryanair game celebrates a million “flights” completed

Roblox Ryanair – an unofficial simulation of flying with the Irish airline group – has seen a surge in popularity with players, completing a million “flights” since its launch.

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Complete with a website that offers players information on the airline’s travel updates, advice for flying, financial reports, investors and more, Roblox Ryanair has been a sensation.

Players must follow the rules and regulations of a real airport inside Roblox Ryanair – checking in, dropping their luggage, entering security, waiting for their gate, boarding the flight and buying any snacks or refreshments from cabin crew.

New destinations for a new year! Fly to Podgorica from Kraków, only at Ryanair

— ROBLOX Ryanair (@RyanairRBX) January 2, 2023

All of this is organised by other players and the game is looking for cabin crew, junior ground-handling, security and airport health and safety and customer care escalation agent roles to be filled.

“Applicants must have the unrestricted right to use Roblox and Discord and be over the age of 13,” explained Roblox Ryanair, and applicants must also ensure that they have enough in-game currency to purchase their own uniform.

Over a million “flights” have been completed by Ryanair, Ryanair UK, Buzz, Lauda Europe and Malta Air to a score of destinations inside the game.

At the time of writing, check-in for the next “flight” to Alicante Airport will occur at 5:45pm GMT today (November 2) and it will be with Lauda Europe. It is recommended that players arrive in the game 10 minutes before check-in commences to avoid being caught in queues.

reason 3 to buy priority:

— ROBLOX Ryanair (@RyanairRBX) August 20, 2023

Furthermore, Roblox Ryanair advises its passengers to “dress to impress”. Players who dress “like a muppet” will alert airport staff to a potential troll, and trolling comprises rudeness to others as well as glitching and entering areas not intended for passengers.

There are a list of banned groups from Ryanair Roblox, including other realistic airport recreations that have been accused of stealing assets. CoastConnect UK, Karen’s Diner UK and Middlesbrough College have been banned for “toxicity”.

In other gaming news, IO Interactive’s James Bond game has had some light shed on its tone and potential structure, said to be “the ultimate spycraft fantasy” and more “Daniel Craig than Roger Moore”.

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