G Herbo Is In A Legal Battle With Ex-Manager For $40 Million

G Herbo Is In A Legal Battle With Ex-Manager For $40 Million

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It seems G Herbo has yet another big fight on his hands. He is in a legal battle with his ex-manager for $40 million dollars.

The Shade Room is reporting the that Chicago, Illinois native will soon be in litigation with one of his earliest believers. According to AllHipHop his former manager Joseph “JB” Bowden claims the “Chiraq” rapper owes him and his label Machine Entertainment over eight million dollars. But No Limit Herbo has countersued claiming the executive actually owes him a whopping $40 million. His filing is based on contracts that were executed when G Herbo was a minor that were allegedly “unfair and one-sided deals”.

“Over the years, [I] been independent working with other labels, Sony/RED, Epic, now we on the Republic [Records] system. I never had a direct deal with the labor. It’s always been with Machine” he explained. “So, over the years, when we started generating money, probably this was on the Sony system, he pulled me to the side like, ‘bro, let me run your business for you.’ I wasn’t really business savvy. This was somebody I trust with my life, like my brother, like a father figure. ‘I’m your business for you, bro.’ Alright, so from then on, he’s running my business.”

The two continued their business deals in a very unique manner where Bowden controlled much of his career; so much so G Herbo’s attorney argues it caused a glaring conflict of interest. “Because [G Herbo’s] money was controlled by [Bowden and Machine], [G Herbo] was forced to ask Bowden to make purchases on his behalf, including for vehicles, [G Herbo’s] rent, and his mother’s rent,” Marguerite E. Patrick said. “Bowden’s conduct, in depriving [G Herbo] of his own funds, was designed to prevent [G Herbo] from leaving Machine or from being able to successfully work with another business manager who would
actually look out for [G Herbo’s] best interests.”

You can see G Herbo explain the matter in detail below.

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