2nd Gen K-Pop Idol Kept Her Identity A Secret For Years Until A Baseball Game Unveiled The Truth

2nd Gen K-Pop Idol Kept Her Identity A Secret For Years Until A Baseball Game Unveiled The Truth

Former Stellar‘s Jeonyul just opened a new YouTube channel and recently posted her first vlog. In her first video, she opened up about her time spent promoting with the second generation K-Pop group and discussed some of the memorable moments spent with her former group members.

Former Stellar’s Jeonyul | @youlri_0320/Instagram

Jeonyul filmed her vlog in Gangnam, taking viewers along as she walked the same path she had taken for years, from the Gangnam train station to her old company building about 20 minutes away.

She showed the basement-level practice room she and her fellow Stellar members used to occupy for hours on end, often more than 12 hours a day.

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She pointed out where a couch used to be, just inside the practice room window, where the members would take well-deserved breaks from practice, and keep a close eye out for the CEO, who would come to check on their progress.

She also showed where debut line-up members Leeseul and JoA had lived, in the apartment directly across the street where the members would often hang out.

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Jeonyul had many fond memories of the area, and she really wanted to introduce the “best restaurant in the country” to fans, one she frequented after her debut when new members joined the group.

The former Stellar member revealed she used to visit the restaurant multiple times a week with her fellow members, and when she went alone, she ate enough for two people.

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The owner began to recognize the four gorgeous members who frequented the restaurant, and because they felt “awkward” about it, they only revealed they were trainees instead of telling him they had already debuted.

When two of the members, Hyoeun and Gayoung, appeared on the variety music program Hidden Singer, the restaurant owner immediately recognized them and asked the girls the next time they visited if they were members of Stellar.

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Members Minhee and Jeonyul hadn’t appeared on the show, so they continued to pretend they were still trainees.

Jeonyul admitted she felt embarrassed, which is why she kept her identity a secret, even when the restaurant owner shared words of encouragement with her, hoping she would make her debut soon like her friends.

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Jeonyul confessed that she also couldn’t tell him because she had brought her boyfriend there to eat with her sometimes, and idols discovered to be in relationships are oftentimes met with backlash from some netizens.

Jeonyul was eventually found out, only months before Stellar disbanded, due to the restaurant owner’s love for baseball. He had spotted her throwing the first pitch at a KT Wiz baseball game in 2017 and questioned her about it when she returned to the restaurant, feeling deceived for all the years he had known her.

Jeonyul throwing the first pitch at the KT Wiz game.

She concluded that over the years, she often brought people to his restaurant, and he would always thoughtfully give them chocolates when they left.

The PD who was filming Jeonyul’s vlog asked if she wanted to stop in and say hi while she was in the neighborhood, but she shyly declined, saying they were “not close enough to say hi.

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Check out the rest of her first vlog below, which includes more interesting behind-the-scenes stories about the second-generation K-Pop group!

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