What I.O.I’s Staff Said To The Group When They Concluded Promotions, According To Jeon Somi And Chungha

What I.O.I’s Staff Said To The Group When They Concluded Promotions, According To Jeon Somi And Chungha

Former I.O.I members and current soloists, Jeon Somi and Chungha, recently reunited to film for Somi’s SOM-THING vlog, during which they discussed their days promoting with I.O.I, what they’ve been up to recently, and more.

Chungha (left) and Somi (right) while promoting with I.O.I

I.O.I was formed through the idol competition show Produce 101 in 2016, with 11 of the competing trainees being confirmed as members of the group during the final episode of the show.

The group officially debuted in May 2016 and promoted until January 2017, when it was announced that their contracts had concluded and the members would be returning to their respective companies.


Although the group only promoted together for eight months, the talented members and their heartwarming bond left a lasting impression on fans, who continue to be thrilled any time the former members are able to reunite.

In Jeon Somi’s recent SOM-THING episode, she revealed that the members had gathered at her home earlier this year for a housewarming party and that she frequently meets with fellow members when their schedules allow. Chungha agreed and even revealed her plans to meet with Kim Sejeong the next day.

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Naturally, as they gathered together, the two talented soloists began reminiscing about their days promoting with I.O.I and revealed just how difficult promotions were in that eight-month span.

The two revealed that they once signed 6,000 albums in one day for an I.O.I event and recalled how “out of it” they were that day and how badly their arms hurt. They hilariously added that after that day, “any signing event was easy.

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Somi and Chungha agreed that going through so much during their I.O.I days “really ended up paying off,” and revealed that at the end of their promotions, staff members felt the group did “three years of work in ten months,” showing how much effort the members put in to make the most out of their short time together.

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During the episode, Somi and Chungha also left a message for their fellow members for an unexpected reason.

Check out more on that in the article below!

Jeon Somi And Chungha Want To Invite Their Fellow I.O.I Members Over, But Not Just To Catch Up

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