The K-Pop Group Whose Debut Song Was So “Bad” It Got Banned

The K-Pop Group Whose Debut Song Was So “Bad” It Got Banned

One thing K-Pop fans love to debate about is the debuts of new groups. Usually, these conversations are about who had the best, with several year-end awards awarding rookie groups for their performance throughout the year.

IVE winning “Best New Female Group” at the 2022 MAMA Awards. | Mnet

On the other side, there was once a K-Pop girl group whose debut song was so bad that it got banned from music shows.

In the early 2010s, it was announced that a new group would debut under Professional Entertainment. The group of five would go on to first release the digital single “Inception” before the release of their actual album.


On February 20, 2014, the official music video for “I’ll Call Ya” was released. This video’s concept was that of a “girl crush” and would have normally not created a problem.

However, the video’s mixing, camera work, and visuals were found so low-quality that KBS banned it from being aired.

Not only did netizens find the debut music video awkward, but the live stage performances featuring a “surprise guest” were not well-received either.

The group would go on to have one more release and several member changes before quietly disbanding in 2015. Since then, several members have attempted to re-debut.

J-NaChany, and Jayoung were part of the short-lived “lesbian concept” group 4L and have since stepped out of the spotlight.

Where Are They Now? The K-Pop Group That Debuted With A “Lesbian Concept” And X-Rated Choreography

Miva currently goes by her real name, Seulgi, and is active as a Trot singer and YouTuber.

The rest of the other members have since stepped out of the spotlight or followed different career paths, like Jelli and Hika, who are both involved in different businesses, though the former occasion shares singing content.

Check out other banned songs below.

These 10 K-Pop Music Videos Were Banned By KBS For The Most Ridiculous Reasons

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