‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ season pass criticised for including points that influence story choices

‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ season pass criticised for including points that influence story choices

Silent Hill: Ascension premiered on October 31, however, fans have ridiculed the series season pass which contains currency that influences viewer-voted choices.

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Silent Hill: Ascension is an interactive streaming series with multiple main characters that allows viewers to vote on choices and outcomes. Additionally, the events of the series will affect the canon of Silent Hill more widely.

Available on mobile phones and through a desktop browser, the first of a number of daily live episodes dropped last night. Yet, it descended into chaos when the contents of the season pass were shown off.

Here’s your new SILENT HILL experience bro
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While Silent Hill: Ascension is free to install and download on mobile phones, there is a season pass priced at $19.99. This includes cosmetics like stickers and character customisation options as well as Influence Points.

Influence Points are the in-series currency that viewers spend to influence certain choices in the episode, and the more Influence Points the viewer possesses, the greater their influence on the outcome.

Though there are free ways to earn Influence Points like solving puzzles and successfully completing events in Endurance Scenes, fans have not responded well to the idea of some viewers having more of a say than others.

“Paying to see the show is something else. But paying to influence it and to the side stuff is crazy,” said one player.

‘Silent Hill: Ascension’ Credit: Genvid Entertainment / Konami Digital Entertainment

Silent Hill: Ascension‘s Founder’s Pack has been criticised too for its “IT’S TRAUMA” and bread stickers that viewers can use as cosmetic additions while interacting in the episode.

“We went from discussing nuanced and careful portrayal of trauma in Silent Hill 2 to…. whatever this is,” complained another.

“Everything in the Silent Hill: Ascension experience is free. You can earn [Influence Points] through completing puzzles, completing daily and weekly goals and participating in live sequences where the audience works together to help a main character endure through real danger,” announced the developer in a post to X.

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