Majority Of Netizens Agree That This Are The Best Two BTS Albums Ever

Majority Of Netizens Agree That This Are The Best Two BTS Albums Ever

BTS has released countless albums to date. From their debut in 2013 all the way to their 10th anniversary in 2023, the group has released a total of 9 full-length albums, 4 repackaged albums, and 9 mini-albums. That’s more than one album per year! Out of all these albums, Koreans voted to see which was the one that they could call an absolutely perfect album, chock-filled with amazing songs. The ones that many agree are the best have been narrowed down to these two.

1. “The most beautiful moment in life pt.2”

The Hwa Yang Yeon Hwa series by BTS remains one of the most beloved by hardcore fans. The series was the one that catapulted the boys to mainstream fame in South Korea.

The most beautiful moment in life pt.2 album | HYBE

We have famous hits like “RUN,” “Butterfly,” and “Whalien 52.” Every song in this album is a hit.



The boys moved on to a more sexy and mature style with “FAKE LOVE.” The album was also the start of their international acclaim, collaborating with huge names such as Steve Aoki. Many global fans began their BTS craze through this album. “Love Maze” and “Magic Shop” are huge fan favorites.

Netizens pooled their opinions.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo You don’t need words to explain Tear. HER was a personal favorite, but that’s just my personal taste. Tear is a total hit album, no one can disagree. I thought about the pink colored album as I clicked in, but it isn’t here. ”I Need You” is in part one but part two’s title song is “Run.” Part two and Tear are truly hit albums. I have to agree, especially for The most beautiful moment in life. You really have to play Tear in order of the set list. I agree on both. Personally, I’m for BE too. Personally I heard “Whalien52” and “My City” by coincidence through a promotional post and it made me see BTS in a new light. When I heard “Mic Drop,” I thought that it was really their color, and I respected them. With Tear, I entered the fandom.

Which was your favorite BTS album?


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