“Is That A Female Lead?” — 6 ARMY Theories About The Woman In BTS Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” MV Teaser

“Is That A Female Lead?” — 6 ARMY Theories About The Woman In BTS Jungkook’s “Standing Next To You” MV Teaser

BTS‘s Jungkook recently released the music video teaser for his upcoming single “Standing Next To You” off of his debut album Golden.

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With his suave dance moves and undeniable charisma, ARMY fell head over heels for the trailer!

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However, one particular moment caught many fans’ attention. For a split second, Jungkook is face to face with a girl who seems to be the female lead of the music video. Fans have already made themselves busy coming up with theories of what might happen next — and some are absolutely hilarious! Check out all of their ideas below.


— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 1, 2023

1. Jungkook is going to inevitably chase after her, just like he did in “Seven.”

Simping is a full time job.

the way jungkook is always a simp in his MVs pic.twitter.com/XX9kSsWKQZ

— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 1, 2023

2. They’re going to have a kiss scene.

Hearts will be broken.

“and if jungkook kisses the girl in the mv—“ pic.twitter.com/ql5nWdWqQx

— (J)HPE (@jjkuchis) November 1, 2023

3. There is an angel and devil concept happening.

Wattpad writers are waiting for their check.

the concept of jungkook being the devil with the girl (presumably) being the angel who probably gets tempered and corrupted? are the y/n writers on wattpad getting coins because

— ayesha (@whooperjin) November 1, 2023

4. They’re about to become dance partners and have the best dance.

We’re ready for the couple choreography scene.


— jungkook loops ⁷ (@jeonjkloops) November 1, 2023

5. They’re totally rivals.

Luckily, Jungkook has the power of Team Kim Seokjin on his side.

“you won’t “I am belong to
win this time” Team Kim Seokjin” pic.twitter.com/HWaoY9ICxI

— amygdala⁷ (@tukaiot7) November 1, 2023

6. She’s going to ask “Me or BTS?”

The BTS members win every time.

me or Namjoon? LIMITS pic.twitter.com/nHBmt3d8Km

— Koonie⁷ Free Gld3n (@namgishines) November 1, 2023

Watch the full trailer below! Catch the music video on Friday November 3 at 1 PM KST.

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