International Organizations Recognize K-Pop Artists To Be More Than Just Popular Stars

International Organizations Recognize K-Pop Artists To Be More Than Just Popular Stars

While BTS stands on the stage of the United Nations, the world’s top international organization, SEVENTEEN, will stand on the stage of UNESCO, the most authoritative international organization in the fields of culture, education, and science. The entertainment industry analyzed SEVENTEEN’s invitation to UNESCO as a sign that K-Pop is much more than just popular stars.

The international community now views K-Pop artists as not just popular stars but as influential figures who can solve global problems together and represent the young generation.

Just as the United Nations introduced BTS, UNESCO has called upon SEVENTEEN to be invited to speak, meaning that international organizations have recognized SEVENTEEN, along with BTS, to be one of the world’s best boy groups.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

SEVENTEEN plans to act as a speaker for the global youth generation on the topic of education and solidarity through speeches. In the following stage, they will tell stories of K-pop idols captivating the world. PLEDIS Entertainment stated, “The International community has recognized SEVENTEEN as a group with global influence as the right person to spread the message of hope and positivity to young generations worldwide.”

In addition to the two boy groups mentioned, girl groups BLACKPINK and aespa have previously served as public relations ambassadors and speakers for the United Nations. This means that K-pop has become the forefront of cultural diplomacy in name and reality.

SEVENTEEN | @pledis_17/Twitter

The reason UNESCO headquarters invited SEVENTEEN was because they were recognized for everything from album sales to their sincerity in spreading positive messages through music.

However, achieving only numerical results does not mean one can represent the young generation. SEVENTEEN left behind more value than just grades through its music. Seventeen, which debuted in 2015 with an average member age of 17, has been making music by honestly expressing the anxieties and hopes they feel as they transition from their teens to their twenties.

Starting with fresh emotions, the passion and will to move forward, and the confused emotions of youth and inner insight captured in between were told numerous stories became SEVENTEEN’s unique narrative. UNESCO recognized the cultural, artistic, and social influence that SEVENTEEN has created through growth narratives, considered them as suitable figures to represent and voice the youth generation and global issues, and selected them as speakers.

BTS’s UN Speech | UNICEF

BTS appeared as the first speaker on the UN stage and impressed people worldwide with the message from the album, Love Yourself, which stated, “Let’s love ourselves.” SEVENTEEN has been spreading the message through music, “Instead of being pessimistic and frustrated, let’s fight and overcome together without getting tired,” and has extended this to the UNESCO education campaign, shouting the #GoingTogether message containing the value of togetherness.

In this speech, Seventeen plans to convey the message that “solidarity and education among youth change the future of youth and the planet” and also present the role that young people can play in sustainable development based on each member’s experience.

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