Here Is Doja Cat’s ‘Scarlet Tour’ Setlist

Last night (October 31), Doja Cat kicked off her hotly-anticipated Scarlet Tour at Chase Center in San Francisco. Over the course of the past few years, Doja has built quite an impressive catalog. However, as many of her songs and viral moments through songs like “Say So” and “Kiss Me More” took place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been awhile since Doja was able to do a full-fledged tour.

Fans (whom she assured she loves, by way of her quirky merchandise) are dying to know which song she’s going to perform on stage.

Luckily, she goes through pretty much all of her eras. On the set is “Tia Tamera” from her 2018 debut album Amala, “Say So” and “Streets” from 2019’s “Hot Pink,” “Woman” from 2021’s Planet Her, and several others. Though much of the set is comprised of songs from her most recent album, Scarlet, fans can look forward to a comprehensive, career-highlighting performance.

You can see the full setlist (per below.

1. “WYM Freestyle”
2. “Demons”
3. “Tia Tamera”
3. “Shutcho”
5. “Agora Hills”
6. “Attention”
7. “Often
8. “Red Room” (Hiatus Kaiyote cover)
9. “Balut”
10. “Gun”
11. “Ain’t Sh*t”
12. “Woman”
13. “Say So”
14. “Get Into It (Yuh)”
15. “Need To Know”
16. “Kiss Me More”
17. “Paint The Town Red”
18. “Streets”
19. “FTG”
20. “97”
21. “Can’t Wait”
22. “Go Off”
23. “Ouchies”
24. “Wet Vagina”

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